How we review the best sites
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Has a valid license
Has a good reputation
Attractive and convenient bonuses
Fast and helpful customer support
Good deposit and withdrawal options, low fees
The casino offers good variety of games



Pros & Cons



  • Play with

  • USD
  • EUR
  • PEN
  • BGN
  • +21 more
  • Products

  • Casino Games
  • Poker
  • Sports Betting
Welcome Package
Up to Welcome Package + 100 Free Spins

Wagering requirements

What are Wagering Requirements?
Wagering requirements inform players how many times they need to play through their bonus (plus deposit amount) before they can make a withdrawal. Only eligible games count towards meeting the wagering requirements, and online slots usually have the highest contribution.


Minimum deposit

10 GBP

Maximum bonus


Free Spin Conditions



  • Licenses.

    Sportingbet Casino helps its reputation by being licensed in United Kingdom.

  • Promotions.

    Sportingbet Casino‘s promotions will keep you coming back for more.

  • Ease of use.

    Sportingbet Casino platform offers you a pleasant user experience.

  • Theme & Design.

    Overall, Sportingbet Casino has a theme that should make you enjoy playing on the site.

  • Mobile Experience.

    You should have a satisfying time playing Sportingbet Casino games on your mobile device.


  • Reputation.

    Sportingbet Casino has a concerning combination of a significant number of negative reviews, and a poor record in resolving customer issues.

  • VIP Program.

    I did not uncover any details of a VIP program on Sportingbet Casino.


What are eWallets?
eWallets are payment methods that allow casino players to deposit and withdraw funds without using card or bank details. The only requirement is to log into your eWallet digital account and confirm the transfer. Some of the most popular eWallets are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.
  • +4
    AstroPay Card
    AstroPay Card
Regular Payment Methods
  • +5
    Paysafe Card
    Paysafe Card
    Instant Bank Transfer
    Instant Bank Transfer
    Bank Wire Transfer
    Bank Wire Transfer
    Fast Bank Transfer
    Fast Bank Transfer
Other Payment Methods
  • +6
    Transfer Money
    eMoney Safe
    Skrill 1-Tap


What are eWallets?
eWallets are payment methods that allow casino players to deposit and withdraw funds without using card or bank details. The only requirement is to log into your eWallet digital account and confirm the transfer. Some of the most popular eWallets are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.
Regular Payment Methods
  • +3
    Paysafe Card
    Paysafe Card
    Bank Wire Transfer
    Bank Wire Transfer
Other Payment Methods
Maximum Withdrawals

The maximum payout limit on Sportingbet Casino is 50000 USD Per month.

Sportingbet Casino
Sportingbet Casino



Pros & Cons



  • Play with

  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • CAD
  • +2 more
  • Products

  • Casino Games
  • Poker
  • Sports Betting
Welcome Package
Up to 150 EUR Welcome Package + 20 Free Spins

Wagering requirements

What are Wagering Requirements?
Wagering requirements inform players how many times they need to play through their bonus (plus deposit amount) before they can make a withdrawal. Only eligible games count towards meeting the wagering requirements, and online slots usually have the highest contribution.


Minimum deposit

20 EUR

Maximum bonus

150 EUR

Free Spin Conditions



  • Reputation.

    I could find only a few negative reviews related to Slotzo online.

  • Licenses.

    If licensing is an important consideration, you’ll be happy to find that Slotzo is licensed in these countries: United Kingdom, Malta.

  • Customer Support.

    Slotzo‘s support team is relatively easy to locate, and resolves most problems efficiently.

  • Theme & Design.

    Slotzo‘s design should improve your overall experience.

  • Mobile Experience.

    Slotzo offers an awesome experience for mobile players.


  • Promotions.

    Slotzo doesn’t offer great promotions on a regular basis.

  • VIP Program.

    Slotzo doesn’t seem to offer a VIP program at this time.

  • Lengthy Registration Process.

    If you want rapid registration, Slotzo will disappoint you.


What are eWallets?
eWallets are payment methods that allow casino players to deposit and withdraw funds without using card or bank details. The only requirement is to log into your eWallet digital account and confirm the transfer. Some of the most popular eWallets are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.
Regular Payment Methods
  • +2
    Paysafe Card
    Paysafe Card
    Wire Transfer
    Wire Transfer


What are eWallets?
eWallets are payment methods that allow casino players to deposit and withdraw funds without using card or bank details. The only requirement is to log into your eWallet digital account and confirm the transfer. Some of the most popular eWallets are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.
Regular Payment Methods
  • +2
    Paysafe Card
    Paysafe Card
    Wire Transfer
    Wire Transfer
Maximum Withdrawals

The maximum payout limit on Slotzo is 7000 EUR Per month.


The wegamble team has reviewed 458 platforms so far.

The above list is the summary of the best PayPal gambling websites at this time.

This page features:

  • A short review of each of the 7 gambling sites that accept PayPal we recommend

  • Our PayPal gambling site’s review methodology simply explained with full-transparency

  • An actionable guide on choosing the best gambling sites that accept PayPal for your needs

  • And many more. Let’s dive in!

Despite the fun people have gambling online, there are plenty of horror stories too.

A growing number of people suffer from a gambling addiction and can lose huge sums of money.

Therefore, we would like to offer the following tips to ensure you enjoy using PayPal gambling websites safely and sensibly.

What you should do

Please read our reviews to discover the best and worst PayPal online gambling websites currently on the market.

If you want to keep your cash safe, there is no question that two-factor authentication (2FA) is crucial.

2FA provides an extra layer of security because it requires two separate means of identification to log in.

Aside from knowing the account’s password and login information, you also need a smartphone or tablet to receive an additional code.

It is also worth considering a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as it offers a secure and encrypted connection to the Internet.

Since your IP address is hidden with a VPN, registering with a PayPal gambling site anonymously is easy.

When you begin, create a strict bankroll and focus on games where the PayPal online gambling site’s edge is low.

In addition, write down your wins and losses to see if there’s a danger of getting out of control.

Schedule breaks instead of engaging in lengthy, continuous gaming sessions.

You might find that the break helps you become more focused, or else you decide that you’ve had enough of gambling on the site for the day.

Analyzing which PayPal gambling websites offer the most generous bonuses is also a good use of your time.

Regardless of the game you choose, read its terms and conditions to ensure you understand the rules.

To conclude, look into alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrency instead of debit or credit cards.

With cryptocurrencies, you benefit from additional anonymity, and your bank knows nothing about your PayPal gambling website account.

Things to Avoid

If you feel you’re getting sucked into the games offered by gambling sites, it is best to self-restrict or close your account.

Taking no action might lead you headlong into an addiction that empties your bank account and damages relationships.

With that in mind, never borrow money to gamble, as this unhealthy cycle can quickly see you fall into heavy debt.

Furthermore, chasing your losses is a problem as most people with this mindset end up losing more money.

Instead, keep your stakes low, set a bankroll, and stick to it rigidly.

Ideally, you will access PayPal gambling websites from a secure Internet connection, preferably in your home.

If you use a public network, you’re asking for big trouble.

These networks are not encrypted, so everyone in the network’s range can see what’s going on.

As a result, you lose your privacy; it is even possible to know if someone connects to their banking website.

One more piece of advice is to stay away from alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or any other intoxicating drugs, legal or otherwise, while gambling.

Such behavior will cloud your judgment, increasing the likelihood of mistakes.

Choosing the best gambling site that accepts PayPal for your specific needs is the first step to having an enjoyable gaming experience.

You might end up disappointed if you pick an option that doesn’t have all the criteria you need.

Below are some of the factors we use to determine our list of the best gambling sites that accept PayPal.

Prohibited countries

The most important aspect when choosing your PayPal gambling company is to know if you are allowed to register an account.

Indeed, there are potential limitations on the sites you can choose in your country.

If your country is not supported, you may not find it in the PayPal gambling company’s dropdown when registering.

One problem is that some gambling websites don’t care where you live.

These gambling websites will allow you to register an account and deposit funds.

That players from your location aren’t normally allowed isn’t relevant.

The gambling company only goes through the verification process once you try to withdraw money from your account.

Once they find out that you live in a restricted country…

It might become impossible to access your funds, and your account could get suspended.

The shadiest online gambling sites with PayPal will even use this chance to keep your funds for themselves.

Therefore, it is essential to double-check and see if the PayPal gambling website you pick permits users from your country to safely register and withdraw funds.

Fortunately, we make it easy for you.

We perform detailed analysis to ensure we only recommend the best PayPal gambling sites that allow people in your country to gamble.

Please use the handy tool at the top-right of your screen and accurately select your location to ensure we provide the right PayPal online gambling website information.


The PayPal online gambling site you want to use must have a reputation for being trustworthy.

We check the following features when making our recommendations:

  • The PayPal gambling site’s licenses

  • How many years has the PayPal gambling site been operating?

  • How often does the PayPal gambling site receive legitimate online complaints from genuine users?

  • Does the PayPal gambling site consider complaints and make enough of an effort to make its players happy?

Indeed, you should ensure the PayPal online gambling website you’re using and putting your money in is safe and legit.

Therefore, the legality of its operations, its experience and the number of customers that felt scammed using it are all objective clues as to the trustworthiness of the site.

Range & standard of PayPal Gambling Sites games

If there are relatively few games available on a PayPal gambling platform, it doesn’t take long for the fun to go out of the experience.

What you need is a PayPal online gambling site with a huge variety of popular games for you to enjoy.

We take a close look at the different types of games offered by PayPal gambling websites, so you can find out if the site will keep your attention.

Are there enough games?

A greater quantity of games means you’re more likely to find something you like.

Certain PayPal gambling websites have a small volume of games, and you’re likely to get bored after a short while.

The best online gambling sites with PayPal tend to have a gigantic amount of games to choose from.

Our team outlines the selection of games in our ratings to ensure you understand which PayPal online gambling sites can keep you entertained.

Look for popular games

It isn’t unusual to find a gambling site that accepts PayPal with more than 4,000 games.

However, this means little if they don’t also have the most popular games on the market.

Unfortunately, having a large number of games available is no guarantee of high quality.

Ideally, you should choose a PayPal online gambling site that combines popular games with a huge choice.

It isn’t always easy to find this combination, but fortunately for you, we have everything covered.

Payment methods in use

The majority of PayPal gambling sites accept debit/credit cards.

But what if you want other payment methods?

It is ideal if a site permits various payment methods.

Also, there are advantages and disadvantages to every method of payment.

For instance, some online gambling sites with PayPal offer bonuses for specific payment methods.

Speaking of bonuses, let’s discuss what you can expect from online PayPal gambling websites.

Support efficiency

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any PayPal gambling site.

If you have a problem with the site, you need a high-quality customer service team to help you out. Otherwise, you’ll quickly become frustrated when gambling.

The best online gambling sites with PayPal tend to have a customer service team that matches the quality of their games.

They usually have long customer support opening hours and a team that quickly solves your issue.

Also, a growing number of leading PayPal online gambling sites include live chat for even faster problem-solving.

Yet another feature is a detailed FAQ section that answers the majority of customer queries.

As a result, you don’t waste valuable time waiting to chat to a customer service agent.

Loyalty benefits

PayPal gambling websites know that players have a lot of choices, so they must provide benefits such as VIP programs and promotions to stay ahead.

It is easy to think that these offers represent great value.

Yet if you dig deeper, you will generally find many conditions attached.

You should stick to PayPal online gambling sites that have few conditions with their promotions.

What promotions are available on the PayPal Gambling Website?

You must realize that not every PayPal gambling website pays attention to promotions.

Quite a few try to bring in players using registration bonuses that include strict gambling requirements.

On the other hand, the best gambling sites with PayPal offer a range of interesting and rewarding promotions.

Players enjoy these interesting promotions that also make their money last longer.

Does the VIP package truly reward loyal players?

Aside from promotions, many online gambling sites with PayPal also keep loyal players on board with VIP benefits.

It is only ‘VIP’ if it includes special benefits that other players never earn.

These extras could include high stakes tables, increased withdrawal and deposit limits, free spins, etc.

The best VIP programs improve the player’s experience with the site and ensure they remain loyal.

Consequently, focus on the VIP benefits section of our reviews if you intend to gamble regularly on any PayPal online gambling website.

Welcome bonus

Offering a welcome bonus is a common practice for PayPal gambling websites

Typically, you can expect plenty of strings attached.

Large gambling requirements (usually 30x to 60x your deposit) and other restrictive conditions are most often required by PayPal online gambling sites to release the bonus.

For most players, welcome bonuses are useless. You should switch your attention elsewhere.

Checking on the quality of the VIP package and promotions is a more important consideration.

For most players, these are likely more beneficial than any welcome bonuses.

Here are five much-loved games that practically every gambling site offers.


France is widely considered the home of roulette (little wheel), with the game being created there in the 18th century.

There are two types of roulette wheel; the standard European version with 37 numbers; and the American wheel with 38 numbers.

Both wheels have numbers ranging from 1 to 36, but while the American wheel has two zeroes, the European version has just one.

The croupier begins the game by spinning the wheel and rolling a ball into it.

The aim of roulette is to predict where the ball lands, and there is a table with various betting options beside the wheel.

Aside from the classic red/black and even/odd gambles, you can try your luck at longer odds.

Such gambles include:

  • Straight Up: You pick one number, and if it wins, you get a payout of 35/1

  • Corner: Choose four numbers by placing a chip in the middle of them for a potential 8/1 payout

  • Six Line: Select six numbers from two horizontal lines on the table at odds of 5/1

  • Dozens: Pick the first, second, or third group of 12 numbers at 2/1 odds

  • Trio: A stake that involves the 0 and two numbers on the same line for a possible 2/1 win

  • Street: Any three consecutive numbers in a line for a 2/1 win

Some individuals assume that a staking strategy such as Fibonacci will give them success.

In reality, the house’s edge of around 2.7% ensures you can’t beat the wheel in the long run.


If you’ve heard of casino games, you’re almost certainly familiar with the name ‘blackjack.’

It is a game with a lengthy history, as it was played in France over 240 years ago.

The aim is to beat the dealer’s total while getting a score no higher than 21.

When you get 22 or more, you are ‘bust,’ and the dealer wins if they avoid going bust.

The dealer keeps one of their two cards face down while the value of both your cards is visible.

Cards with values of 2-10 remain the same; Aces are 1 or 11 points, while you get 10 points for each face card (Jacks, Queens, and Kings).

Once you have two cards, you can ‘hit’ and get a third card or ‘stand’ to keep what you have.

Getting the same score as the dealer is a ‘push,’ so you get your money back, while winning a hand means you double your money.

However, a win with a score of 21 earns you 2.5 times your original stake because you get a bonus.

You can surrender your hand or ask for insurance if the dealer has a clear advantage.

Doubling down involves doubling your bet while splitting your cards also means twice your initial stake, although you get to play two hands simultaneously.

Depending on the gambling company’s rules, the dealer may have to ‘stand’ on a soft 17 score.

A hand is called ‘soft’ when one of the cards is an Ace because you can change its value.


The legendary Liberty Bell machine of the late 19th century paved the way for the popularity of slots.

Those who register on PayPal gambling websites to use slots love the game’s simplicity since it has practically no learning curve.

While the old-fashioned 3-reel slots remain in use, significantly more people like the 5-reel options.

You can win with any spin if you get the machine’s symbols in the right order.

Slots offer plenty of opportunities to win and operate fast enough to keep you interested.

Apart from set jackpot prizes, there are also progressive jackpots capable of paying out enormous sums of money.

After checking the paytable, rules, and available prizes, starting a slots game is as simple as pressing a button.

Don’t begin the game until you know the amount you are staking each time.

No matter what slots game you try, bear in mind that there’s no special strategy to help you win.

Video poker

Despite growing competition, Jacks or Better is still the #1 version on PayPal online gambling websites.

It is modeled on the classic five-card stud poker game where you need to get a pair of Jacks from your first five cards to ‘open.’

You receive five cards in the video poker version and can hold as many cards you like or replace them with new ones.

After this second ‘hand,’ you find out if you earned a win or not.

There are usually nine winning hands depending on the machine, including three of a kind, a straight, and a full house.

In some cases, a PayPal gambling platform will give you a bonus for a royal flush if you stake its maximum number of credits.

In rare cases, you might find that a machine’s Return to Player (RTP) percentage exceeds 100%.

Technically speaking, a video poker expert could win money in the long run by using their talent.

As they increase their chances of winning through skill, video poker users aren’t as reliant on luck as individuals who enjoy slots.


Despite its reputation for sophistication, baccarat is quick and easy to learn.

It is a card game that pits the player against the banker, and you can choose which side to take.

Each one gets two cards and wins if they get the highest score; the maximum total is nine.

If the cards total ten or more, the second digit becomes the score.

Therefore, a score of 14 becomes 4, 16 becomes 6, and so on.

Cards worth 2-9 keep their value; you get a point for an Ace and 0 points for Tens, Jacks, Queens, or Kings.

If either side has a score of 8 or 9 after two cards, it is declared a ‘natural,’ and they win, unless the other person has the same total or better.

The score of the banker and player dictates what happens next, though at least one of them will potentially take a third card if no one gets 8 or 9 initially.

For example, the player stands on 6 or 7, but the banker must draw another card on a score of 0-5 in this instance.

Although you double your money with a winning baccarat gamble, certain gambling websites take a percentage of your profit as their commission.

The tie offers the highest payout at up to 9/1 but provides the casino with the highest edge.

Of the three best-known forms of baccarat, Punto Banco is the most popular on gambling websites.

We use our vast experience in playing PayPal online gambling website games to provide comprehensive and unbiased reviews.

Here is how the wegamble team gathers the information needed to provide detailed and informative content.

1. We open a Gambling Site With PayPal account and deposit money

First of all, we go through the entire registration process of each PayPal gambling platform we review.

At this stage, we outline any restrictions on location.

Doing so ensures we let you know if the site bans users from your country.

After that, we add our personal data and deposit some money.

At this point, we can see the payment methods available, and the information the site requires.

By completing the above procedure, we can tell you if registration is simple or complex.

2. We play and test the PayPal Gambling Site

The most basic principle of reviewing a PayPal gambling website is to truly know it.

This means spending many hours playing it to understand its games and features fully.

We dedicate a huge amount of time to play as many games from different sections of the site as possible.

In our opinion, it is a necessity to ensure we get a first-hand account to outline what you can expect.

The longer we gamble on the site, the more likely it is that we’ll discover game glitches, not to mention the effect of the design on our eyes!

Overall, spending a lot of time on any gambling site that accepts PayPal is a great way to learn whether it is good for regular users and offers decent VIP rewards.

3. We contact & assess support

Our team’s communication with a PayPal gambling site’s customer support team is crucial in rating a company overall.

You will quickly grow frustrated at slow-responding or unhelpful support if you have a problem with the site.

We get in touch with the PayPal online gambling website’s customer support team and gauge their response.

It is an act that informs us whether a company cares about its customers or not.

The complicated questions we ask highlight a customer service department’s level of training.

4. We withdraw our balance

After using a site for many hours, we withdraw the money left in our account.

The experience we have when taking out funds from a PayPal online gambling site is another crucial part of our process.

Sadly, there are some low-grade gambling sites that won’t let you take out your hard-earned cash.

For example, they may only request verification when you withdraw and hold your funds.

We emphasize any problems we have when trying to withdraw money.

Furthermore, we inform you of the payment methods on offer, not to mention how long it takes to get your money.

5. We perform an online review to learn new information and uncover complaints

However, our job isn’t yet done as we do our best to provide you with the most detailed reviews possible.

We also focus on the number of customer complaints related to a PayPal gambling website, its history, and reputation, among other things.

After this process, our knowledge of a PayPal gambling website is almost unrivaled.

We include data regarding any noteworthy problems in our review.

Of course, there is one final thing we always check.

6. We ask customers what they think

Few things are more revealing than knowing what an actual user of a PayPal gambling website thinks about it.

We get in contact with individuals who have used the online gambling sites with PayPal we review.

It is essential to get the views of other users because we can’t completely rely on each of our reviewers’ individual experience.

There’s a possibility that the PayPal online gambling site fixed the bug we found quickly or that the customer service member we spoke to was new.

When we get player feedback, we can see a pattern, whether it is good or bad.

At this point, we have little doubt that what you read in our review is what you can expect from the PayPal gambling site in question.

Yes, it is a lengthy and occasionally exhausting experience, but we’re delighted to help!

We hope you have fun exploring all the games PayPal gambling websites have to offer.

Unfortunately, online gambling isn’t always safe.

Simple safety tips

Sticking to a pre-determined bankroll is among the most important things you can do when gambling online.

If you fear that you spend too much time and money on a gambling site, close your accounts and ask for help.

Sadly, the PayPal online gambling website industry lacks strong regulation, so check out our reviews before risking any money.

Don’t gamble on open Wi-Fi networks because your data is unencrypted, which means it is not secure.

Make sure you use two-factor authentication (2FA) because, without it, your account is vulnerable.

Suppose you want to keep your PayPal gambling company hobby a secret from the bank. In that case, using cryptocurrency instead of fiat warrants serious consideration.

Finally, don’t get involved with PayPal online gambling sites while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and don’t chase your losses.

Check the following when in doubt

Before registration, find out what you can about the customer service quality of a PayPal gambling site.

The last thing you want is to deposit a large sum of money, only to find that the site isn’t helpful when you experience a problem.

Our reviews look into a PayPal gambling platform’s customer service level in great detail while also checking its reputation and licensing.

One way to reduce risk is to limit your deposits until you’re sure a site is trustworthy.

Focus on the quality and quantity of the games available to determine if the PayPal online gambling website will continue to grab your attention.

Almost every one of them offers bonuses, but you should investigate them to see if they suit your needs, level of play, etc.

It is also essential to use a PayPal online gambling website that comes with SSL certification to store your private data safely.

These days, PayPal online gambling sites realize that a failure to offer generous bonuses and rewards to customers could damage their revenue.

A lucrative bonus package is a great way to increase a site’s customer base.

However, not every reward is useful, so you need to check out the terms and conditions associated with each PayPal online gambling site’s offering.

Now, let’s investigate the various bonus types offered by PayPal gambling websites, including what they give new customers.

Welcome bonus

This is by far the most common offer and is a signing-on bonus you get once you register with a PayPal gambling website and deposit for the first time.

PayPal gambling companies claim it is a way to thank newcomers for joining, but it is really a way to keep you on the site.

Typically, you receive a 100% match-up bonus, which doubles (matches) your initial deposit.

Imagine you deposit $50; the PayPal gambling site tops up your balance with another $50, so you now have $100.

Other PayPal online gambling sites add free spins to the welcome bonus, another smart way to get you involved in the action.

Overall, these bonuses seem like great value.

However, they tend to contain various terms and conditions that make it difficult to truly benefit.

For example, you can only cash out the PayPal online gambling site bonus once you have gone through at least 30 times your first deposit.

Therefore, if your first deposit is $100, you have to make $3,000 worth of gambles.

High roller bonuses

These bonuses have many names, including loyalty, VIP, exclusive, or high roller bonuses.

A PayPal online gambling website may award such prizes to someone who has a long track record of using the site.

The perks associated with such a program include large matching deposits and higher gambleing limits.

These programs are often divided into several levels, with those on top of this pyramid enjoying the greatest rewards.

Those looking to get some of their money back may want to learn more about a site’s cashback bonus.

For instance, you might receive anywhere from 5% to 20% of your monthly losses back as a bonus from a PayPal gambling website.

While the term ‘high roller’ sounds cool, it might indicate that you’re enduring heavy losses.

Reload bonuses

You only get a reload bonus for depositing more money.

The welcome bonus gets you on the PayPal online gambling site, while a reload is designed to keep you there.

If you use a specific site a lot, you might earn reload bonuses every few weeks or monthly.

Unlike welcome bonuses, which are widely advertised, reloads are normally offered via text or email.

This is mainly because this bonus is often personalized and depends on how much someone spends on the gambling site that accepts PayPal.

Don’t expect a reload bonus unless you meet the minimum deposit stipulation.

However, you’ll probably continue to get reload bonuses from a gambling site that accepts PayPal if you’re a loyal customer.

No deposit bonuses

With this bonus, you enjoy a balance boost or additional spins without any requirement to deposit.

It is a handy way to see if you like the PayPal gambling platform’s games without risking any cash.

While you don’t have to make a deposit, you do need to adhere to certain rules.

The most common condition involves making plays worth at least 30 times the bonus.

In other words, you won’t get to withdraw that $20 bonus unless you have made $600 worth of gambles.

Even so, it is usually worth claiming the no deposit bonus so you can get a risk-free feel for the PayPal gambling site.

Unfortunately, unless you’re a new customer, you’re unlikely to receive the offer.

There is a seemingly endless level of information about PayPal online gambling websites on the Internet.

However, most of it is dishonest and lacks detail.

We do things differently.

We spend hours gambling on each of the gambling sites we assess.

As a result, we can give you an honest and thorough account of a site’s advantages and disadvantages.

With hundreds of gambling site reviews so far and a list of the best sites in the business, our hard work means you can quickly and easily identify the most suitable PayPal gambling sites.

We are delighted to offer this service.

If you’ve never used a PayPal gambling company before, it might feel daunting.

With this in mind, we have created a quick guide to help you register with a site, and enjoy its games.

Select a PayPal Gambling Site from our list

The online gaming world is gigantic, with countless PayPal gambling sites.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of sites you should avoid due to safety and security concerns.

At wegamble, we provide a detailed list of reviews to save you time and frustration.

Check out our guide to find all the necessary information to pick the best PayPal gambling platform for your needs.

Ideally, you’ll compare the features of at least a handful of PayPal gambling websites from the list.

You’ll discover that looking at various sites in this fashion helps you discover the right option.

Once you’re satisfied with your choice, the next step is to open an account.

Register your account

When registering with a PayPal online gambling website, you must begin by filling in the requested personal data.

You must enter this data correctly, especially regarding where you live and the currency you wish to use.

This is because most gambling sites that accept PayPal don’t allow people from certain countries to register legally.

A gambling company could suspend your account later if you live in a restricted area and lie about it.

What’s worse is that some PayPal online gambling websites only perform verification after you have won money.

Once you try to withdraw your winnings, the site blocks your access to the account and takes your funds.

Therefore, if your first choice PayPal online gambling website doesn’t allow players from your location, choose another from our list.

That way, you don’t get a nasty surprise later on.

Deposit money

Once you become a registered user, you must deposit funds if you intend to gamble.

One important rule is to only gamble with a sum of money you can lose without causing stress or financial hardship.

Set a rigid upper limit of spending, and never exceed it.

When you have a dedicated maximum spend, you know when to quit rather than chasing losses.

There are numerous deposit methods to choose from, so consider your preferred option (see the payment methods comparison section).

Play your favorite games

With money in your account, it is time to find the games you enjoy the most.

This is challenging for new players because there are so many options.

Indeed, we know of gambling sites that accept PayPal with thousands of available games.

Thankfully, you have ways to speed up your search.

These include trying some free demos, looking for games by top developers, or checking other options.

The important thing is to take your time and enjoy the process of finding entertaining games.

Withdrawing money

Congratulations! You have made some clever moves and now want to withdraw your money safely.

Please read the PayPal gambling site’s terms and conditions to ensure you’re aware of any limitations on withdrawals.

Some PayPal online gambling sites have specific requirements, and you can’t withdraw money until you fulfill them.

You’ll also discover that the process of depositing and withdrawing is easier when you use the same payment method for both.

However, you can choose something different, but you will need to enter additional details.

Depending on the withdrawal method you use, you could receive your money in minutes or a few days.

Gambling with PayPal online can be confusing at first.

Before you start gambling with PayPal, make sure you know its pros and cons.

Introduction to e-wallets

E-wallets are online accounts that you can fund with various payment methods, like credit cards and even cryptocurrencies.

Once you have tranferred money to your e-wallet account, you can start gambling on gambling companies that accept them.

After you transfer money to your e-wallet, you can then use it for gambling and making purchases online.

What is PayPal?

Originally known as Confinity, PayPal is an e-wallet service established in 1998 by Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, and Luke Nosek.

Later on, the company merged with Elon Musk’s, they changed the name to PayPal, and the company started focusing solely on payment solutions.

PayPal offers its services worldwide, and with its 390 million active users in over 200 countries or regions, it is arguably the most popular e-wallet out there.

You can use PayPal for several currencies, which includes a few cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of PayPal

Take a look at the advantages of using PayPal on PayPal gambling websites.

PayPal is widely used

When talking about the most widely used e-wallets, you can’t leave out PayPal.

PayPal can be used for gambling on PayPal gambling sites but also for shopping online.

Thanks to the thousands of online shops accepting PayPal, you can easily use your winnings without the need to transfer them to a bank account.

PayPal works in many currencies

One thing you need to do when registering a PayPal account is choose a currency, but you can make payments in other currencies too.

When you use PayPal on PayPal online gambling sites or online shops, the currency will be automatically converted if needed.

Invest in cryptocurrencies with PayPal

You can also use PayPal to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Currently, there are not too many choices, as you can only buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash using PayPal.

Considering the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, more options might become available in the future.

Compare the current cryptocurrencies on offer to the number of different cryptocurrencies available in general, and you can see there is room for growth.

The drawbacks of PayPal

Despite its popularity and wide acceptance, PayPal has a few downsides as well.

Not all casinos accept PayPal

One of the biggest downsides when gambling with PayPal is that not all gambling sites accept it.

In fact, only a small number of sites accept PayPal, so you might have a hard time finding suitable gambling sites.

Keeping this in mind, it is wise to keep an alternative payment method handy when gambling.

PayPal can’t be used to claim bonuses

Bonuses are often considered one of the best parts of PayPal online gambling sites.

Given that bonuses offer more winning chances, it is no wonder they are so popular.

Therefore, it might be a bit disappointing that on many gambling websites you can’t use PayPal to claim bonuses.

PayPal charges fees

When you gamble using PayPal, you should remember that you might be charged some fees.

Fees can be charged for transferring money to your bank account, but also for currency conversions.

With that in mind, it is probably no surprise that PayPal also charges a fee for buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

Given that there no fees associated with holding cryptocurrencies in your PayPal account, it could still be a viable option if you are considering investing in cryptocurrencies.