Best Real Money Casinos in 2021

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Do you want to know what are the best real money casinos in 2021?

If so, you’re in luck because we outline the top 7 real money sites in this guide.

The wegamble team has reviewed 133 casinos so far.

The real money casinos on this list are the top-rated ones according to the many ranking factors we use.

Later on this page, you will find:

  • A quick review of the top 7 sites accepting real money we recommend

  • An explanation of how we review sites accepting real money

  • Information on selecting the best sites accepting real money based on what’s important to you

  • And much more. Let’s begin!

The 7 Best Online Casinos, Reviewed

How To Find The Best real money casinos In 2021

Finding the best real money site for your requirements is key if you intend to have fun.

Focus on finding the features you value the most.

The aspects outlined below will help you figure out how to choose the best sites that accept real money for your needs.


The real money site you want to use must have a reputation for being trustworthy.

We check the following features when making our recommendations:

  • The licenses of the website that accepts real money

  • Seniority — how old is the real money casino?

  • Complaints received — how many formal complaints has the website that accepts real money received?

  • Complaint resolution — are complaints assessed publicly and resolved by the website that accepts real money?

You have to know that you can trust the real money casino you’re depositing money with.

Consequently, knowing whether the site with real money has a history of satisfied customers with few reports of scams is crucial information.

Countries supported

It can be a deal-breaker if a site accepting real money doesn’t offer services to players in your country.

Indeed, there are potential limitations on the sites you can choose in your country.

If you are forbidden from using the website that accepts real money in your country, you might find that it isn’t available for selection when registering.

The trick is, many sites accepting real money will not bother checking your country of residence.

These casino sites will allow you to register an account and deposit funds.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t usually accept users from your country.

Unfortunately, the day you decide to withdraw your funds, the casino site asks for account verification.

Once they find out that you live in a restricted country…

It might become impossible to access your funds, and your account could get suspended.

The worst casino that accepts real money may even close your account and confiscate your balance forever.

As a result, do your due diligence and check whether or not the site with real money of your choice supports your country.

Luckily, our efforts will faciliate your research.

We use complex algorithms to only recommend the best sites accepting real money available in your country.

To be sure that we recommend only real money websites that are available in your country, choose your location carefully using our top-right country chooser.

What payment methods does the real money website accept?

Practically every real money casino allows players to deposit and withdraw via debit/credit cards.

But what if you want other payment methods?

It is ideal if a real money casino website permits various payment methods.

Also, there are advantages and disadvantages to every method of payment.

For instance, some real money sites offer bonuses for specific payment methods.

It so happens that bonuses are extremely important for real money casinos.

What benefits for loyal players?

With so many rivals, sites accepting real money need to offer unique promotions and VIP packages to attract and keep players.

On the surface, such benefits seem like a good deal.

Unfortunately, it is common for these ‘gifts’ to have lots of stipulations.

You need to find a real money site with generous promotions and VIP benefits to improve your user experience.

Does the real money casino offer attractive promotions?

Don’t assume that every real money casino provides exclusive and unique promotions.

Quite a few try to bring in players using registration bonuses that include strict wagering requirements.

The best websites with real money offer a range of interesting and rewarding promotions.

These rewards are potentially lucrative and could provide you with hours of fun.

What is the VIP program like?

With so much competition, it makes sense for real money casinos to include VIP benefits for loyal players and big-spenders.

It is only ‘VIP’ if it includes special benefits that other players never earn.

For instance, it could have cash bonuses, extra chips, one-to-one customer support, birthday ‘presents,’ and much more.

A good VIP program promotes loyalty amongst players and enhances their user experience.

Therefore, investigate the VIP offerings on any real money website that interests you.

Customer support

The quality of support provided by an real money casino website is crucial to your user experience.

If you have an issue while playing, a customer support team is often the difference between being satisfied and angry.

Top-rated real money casino websites know this, which is why they provide the right standard of customer service.

They usually have long customer support opening hours and a team that quickly solves your issue.

High-quality real money casinos also provide a live chat feature for quick access to a support member.

Yet another feature is a detailed FAQ section that answers the majority of customer queries.

This means you don’t have to wait to speak to a customer support team member.

Welcome package

Offering a welcome bonus is a common practice for real money casinos

However, it is normal for these bonuses to come with numerous restrictions.

You may need to bet up to 60 times your deposit before the bonus becomes available.

This means players hardly ever get any value from welcome bonuses. As a result, it is best to focus on other benefits offered by the real money website.

Looking for a real money casino with valuable VIP benefits and promotion is a better use of your time.

Ultimately, they are way better than welcome bonuses in most cases.

real money casinos games quality & quantity

Regardless of whether you love the real money casino experience, a small selection of games rapidly becomes repetitive.

Ideally, you’ll find a real money casino website with a large amount of well-known games.

Our team checks out the game selection provided by websites that accept real money, so you can see if they fit your needs.

Are there enough games?

The more games a real money casino website has, the more choice you have!

There are real money casino companies with relatively few games, so players lose interest rapidly.

What you need is a casino website that accepts real money with a large enough choice to keep you entertained.

Our reviews account for the quantity of real money casino website games on offer, so you’ll know that a site can keep you happy.

Look for popular games

It isn’t unusual to find a real money website with more than 4,000 games.

Nonetheless, you should also pay attention to whether a site that accepts real money has many of the most popular online games.

In the real money casino world, quantity does NOT always equal quality.

The best casinos accepting real money have lots of games but also the most popular ones.

It isn’t always easy to find this combination, but fortunately for you, we have everything covered.

Tips And Advice For Gambling Online

Even though you might enjoy online wagering, it is essential to exercise caution.

It is possible to become addicted and place yourself in financial difficulty.

As a result, we have created a quick guide outlining what you should and should NOT do when using a real money casino website.

What you should do

Look through our detailed reviews to see which casino websites that accept real money are trustworthy and which ones to avoid.

It is also essential to use two-factor authentication (2FA) to keep your account secure.

2FA provides an extra layer of security because it requires two separate means of identification to log in.

You require a tablet/phone to get a code that you use along with a password and username.

Given the dangers present on the Internet, you should look into a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The fact that a VPN hides your IP address means you can keep your privacy intact when playing on a casino website accepting real money.

Once you’re on the real money casino website, find the games that provide the lowest house edge and only spend money you can afford to lose.

It is helpful to keep track of your gambling profit and loss to identify a problem quickly.

Schedule breaks instead of engaging in lengthy, continuous gaming sessions.

The time away from the casino might prompt you to finish playing entirely, or at least improve your concentration.

Use our reviews to find the best real money casinos in terms of providing customers with bonuses.

Don’t begin playing on any game until you’re familiar with the rules.

To conclude, look into alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrency instead of debit or credit cards.

With cryptocurrencies, you benefit from additional anonymity, and your bank knows nothing about your website with real money account.

What you should NOT do

If you feel you’re getting sucked into the games offered by casinos, it is best to self-restrict or close your account.

Otherwise, there is a danger of becoming addicted, an issue that will cost you much more than just money.

As such, it is unwise to get into debt to gamble, as this can easily become a hole you can’t climb out of.

Another important rule is to accept your losses rather than trying to win them back quickly.

Instead, keep your stakes low, set a bankroll, and stick to it rigidly.

Ideally, you will access real money casinos from a secure Internet connection, preferably in your home.

Trying to enjoy games on an open Wi-Fi network is a recipe for disaster.

With no password required, the wireless traffic is unencrypted and visible to everyone in range.

They can see the unencrypted web pages you visit, what you type into forms, and even if you’re connected to your bank’s website.

Finally, avoid wagering after or during the consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants.

When you take mind-altering substances, your risk tolerance changes, and you might start staking far more than usual.

Types Of Bonuses And Rewards On real money casinos

These days, real money casinos realize that a failure to offer generous bonuses and rewards to customers could damage their revenue.

A lucrative bonus package is a great way to increase a site’s customer base.

However, not every reward is useful, so you need to check out the terms and conditions associated with each real money casino website’s offering.

Let’s look at the types of bonuses you can expect upon registration and when playing games on a real money casino.

Welcome bonus

You can expect to receive some form of new customer bonus when you register with a real money casino website and deposit some money.

Marketed as a token of appreciation, it is a clever method of ensuring you spend some time on the site.

Most sites provide a double your money bonus, where you get 100% extra on top of your first deposit.

Suppose you deposit $100, the website that accepts real money will add another $100 so that your starting balance is $200.

Another standard welcome bonus is a set amount of free spins for a game the site with real money is trying to market.

Being fooled by the apparent generosity of these bonuses is easy.

Unfortunately, when you look beneath the curtain, it becomes apparent that these bonuses aren’t what they seem.

It is not unusual for a real money casino website to include a restriction where you have to play with 30 times your initial deposit to withdraw the bonus.

Therefore, if your first deposit is $100, you have to make $3,000 worth of plays.

Reload bonuses

You receive a reload bonus when you deposit more real money to your account.

The new customer bonus gets you on the site, while a reload is designed to keep you there.

It is normal for regular users to receive reload bonuses, and they often get them monthly.

Most real money casinos don’t advertise the reload bonus publicly; instead, they email or text the recipients.

This is mainly because this bonus is often personalized and depends on how much someone spends on the site.

There is usually a minimum deposit rule attached to reload bonuses.

However, you’ll probably continue to get reload bonuses if you’re a loyal customer.

High roller bonuses

These bonuses have many names, including loyalty, VIP, exclusive, or high roller bonuses.

A casino with real money may award such prizes to someone who has a long track record of playing on the site.

Most sites have a loyalty program, and you have to deposit a certain amount of money to become a member.

Exclusive bonuses can include free spins or plays, higher withdrawal limits, and other perks not available to standard site users.

There are usually different ‘levels,’ so the higher your ranking, the better the bonuses and the greater the frequency.

Those looking to get some of their money back may want to learn more about a site that accepts real money’s cashback bonus.

For instance, you might receive anywhere from 5% to 20% of your monthly losses back as a bonus.

While the term ‘high roller’ sounds cool, it might indicate that you’re enduring heavy losses.

No deposit bonuses

Unlike the welcome and reload bonuses, a no deposit bonus adds money or free spins to your account.

It is a handy way to see if you like the real money casino website’s games without risking any cash.

Yet you’ll find that there are strings attached even though you don’t need to deposit.

You can expect to play through the bonus 30+ times before withdrawing it.

In other words, you won’t get to withdraw that $20 bonus unless you have made $600 worth of plays.

Although it isn’t as generous as it seems, you should consider taking the no deposit bonus to help you navigate the real money casino.

It is important to note that sites tend only to offer it to new customers.

Use Our List Of Top-Rated real money casinos

There is a seemingly endless level of information about real money casinos on the Internet.

Unfortunately, a lot of what you read is inaccurate and fails to examine sites closely.

Wegamble uses a different method.

Our team plays on each casino site for hours to provide the most authentic reviews possible.

This enables us to give you a detailed analysis of the site’s playability, pros and cons, reputation, and more.

With hundreds of reviews so far and a list of the best sites in the business, our hard work means you can quickly and easily identify the most suitable real money websites.

It is our pleasure.

Your Guide To Using real money casinos

You might find things a little confusing when using a real money casino for the first time.

With this in mind, we have created a quick guide to help you register, wager, and enjoy.

Select a real money casino from our list

The online playing world is gigantic, with countless real money casinos.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of sites you should avoid due to safety and security concerns.

At wegamble, we provide a detailed list of reviews to save you time and frustration.

We’re confident that our analysis will give you the information to choose the right real money site for your requirements.

You should select several casino websites with real money from our list to properly compare their different characteristics, such as game variety and odds.

Analyzing multiple sites side-by-side enables you to determine the best fit quickly.

Once you’re satisfied with your choice, the next step is to open an account.

Register with the real money casino

Creating an account with any website with real money involves registering and entering your personal information.

It is important to include the right data and pay special attention to your country of residence and the currency you plan to use.

It is a fact that plenty of sites that accept real money have rules preventing people from specific nations from using their services.

If you lie about your location, the casino could ban you later.

Unfortunately, there’s a chance that verification only happens AFTER you win money.

Such sites can keep your money and ban you.

Should your initial selection ban people from your nation, return to our list and choose another casino website that accepts real money.

It is a good way to avoid an unpleasant experience down the line.

Deposit money

After registering your account, it is time to deposit money so you can start wagering.

Before we go any further, we must stress that you should only ever play with money you can afford to lose.

Set a budget before you fund your account, and stay disciplined.

Doing so ensures you have fun without feeling pressured because you lost too much money.

There are many ways to deposit money on sites that accept real money, and our payment methods section reveals more information.

Play your favorite games

You can begin searching for your favorite games once your deposit clears.

If you’re new to real money casino websites, you might find it hard to navigate all the options.

During our reviews, we have uncovered casinos accepting real money with over 4,000 games.

There are a few ways to narrow down the field, however.

For instance, you can categorize games or try free demos.

Overall, don’t rush this step; taking your time to find great games is well worth it.

Withdrawing money

Congratulations! You have made some successful plays and now want to withdraw your money safely.

Go to the terms and conditions section of the real money website to read about its rules on taking money out of your account.

Casino websites accepting real money often have limits on withdrawals, and you have to meet certain criteria before being allowed to take your money.

It is usually simpler to use the same payment method for withdrawals as you do for deposits.

Of course, you can use different options, though this requires adding further information.

Review the available payment methods as the timeframe for receiving money can vary from minutes to days.

How Do We Review casinos?

Each wegamble team member is an experienced player, and the knowledge we’ve gained helps us create honest and detailed reviews.

Here is how the wegamble team gathers the information needed to provide detailed and informative content.

1. We open an account and deposit money

The first step involves completing the casino accepting real money’s registration information.

Then we check for geographical restrictions.

This enables us to inform you whether your country is on the restricted list.

After that, we add our personal data and deposit some money.

Not only do we determine the full list of the requested information, but we also find out about the payment methods you can use.

By completing the above procedure, we can tell you if registration is simple or complex.

2. We play as many games as possible

The most basic principle of reviewing a real money casino is to truly know it.

Consequently, playing games for hours is a crucial component of understanding the site.

Our team isn’t content until it has played dozens of games to discover the standard of gameplay.

Through this process, we can provide a genuine account of our user experience.

The longer we play, the more likely it is that we’ll discover game glitches, not to mention the effect of the design on our eyes!

Ultimately, taking our time to investigate a site that accepts real money thoroughly helps us find out if you’re likely to get bored or not.

3. We contact & assess support

We give great weight to the level of customer service provided by a real money casino website.

You will quickly grow frustrated at slow-responding or unhelpful support if you have a problem with the site.

We get in touch with the real money casino’s customer support team and gauge their response.

This practice gives us an idea of whether a site takes customer queries and complaints seriously.

Our reviewers also discover the abilities of a customer support team by sending it complex queries.

4. We withdraw our balance

After using a site for many hours, we withdraw the money left in our account.

Knowing a real money casino’s withdrawal procedures is one of the most important aspects of our reviews.

Unfortunately, shady real money casinos try every trick in the book to keep your money.

For instance, they might wait until you win to ask for verification and then close your account for no good reason.

We find out whether players can expect to encounter any problems when they try to get their cash.

In addition, we discover how long it takes to complete a transaction and talk about the withdrawal options.

5. We investigate complaints, reputation, and other information

However, our job isn’t yet done as we do our best to provide you with the most detailed reviews possible.

We also check out any complaints related to the real money casino, along with its overall reputation.

After this process, our knowledge of a website accepting real money is almost unrivaled.

Should this analysis uncover any additional concerns, we address them in the review.

Yet even now, there is still something else we insist on checking.

6. We find out what the real money casino's real users think

There are few better ways to get a clear picture of a real money casino website’s reputation than to speak to real players.

We get in contact with individuals who have used the casino that accepts real money we review.

It is essential to get the views of other users because we can’t completely rely on each of our reviewers’ individual experience.

There’s a possibility that the site fixed the bug we found quickly or that the customer service member we spoke to was new.

In contrast, a pattern typically forms when we get feedback from multiple individuals regarding the same site.

At this point, we have little doubt that what you read in our review is what you can expect from the casino accepting real money in question.

Yes, it is a lengthy and occasionally exhausting experience, but we’re delighted to help!

Favorite Games On real money casinos

Here are five much-loved games that practically every casino offers.


France is widely considered the home of roulette (little wheel), with the game being created there in the 18th century.

There are two types of roulette wheel; the standard European version with 37 numbers; and the American wheel with 38 numbers.

Both wheels have numbers ranging from 1 to 36, but while the American wheel has two zeroes, the European version has just one.

The croupier places a ball into the spinning wheel to start the game.

The aim of roulette is to predict where the ball lands, and there is a table with various betting options beside the wheel.

Apart from double your money even/odd and red/black plays, you can seek the higher payouts on offer.

Lower percentage plays include:

  • Straight Up: You pick one number, and if it wins, you get a payout of 35/1

  • Corner: Choose four numbers by placing a chip in the middle of them for a potential 8/1 payout

  • Six Line: Select six numbers from two horizontal lines on the table at odds of 5/1

  • Dozens: Pick the first, second, or third group of 12 numbers at 2/1 odds

  • Trio: A stake that involves the 0 and two numbers on the same line for a possible 2/1 win

  • Street: Any three consecutive numbers in a line for a 2/1 win

Many people believe they can beat the wheel by using a special staking strategy.

However, none of them will win in the long term because the house always has an edge.


Slot machines have come a long way since the famous Liberty Bell version was invented in 1895.

As slots are quick and easy to learn, real money casino websites usually welcome many new users.

Although there are still classic 3-reel machines, most online casinos provide games with 5-reels and up to 50 pay lines.

You can win with any spin if you get the machine’s symbols in the right order.

The vast number of ways to win keeps slot machine users coming back for more.

While you’ll certainly be happy to win a standard jackpot, there’s nothing quite like the drama of the huge progressive jackpots.

After checking the paytable, rules, and available prizes, starting a slots game is as simple as pressing a button.

Please make sure you know how much you’re staking with each spin before you begin, however.

Regardless of the machine you choose, remember that winning on slots is pure chance, so there are no profitable strategies.

Video poker

Despite growing competition, Jacks or Better is still the #1 version on casino websites accepting real money.

It comes from five-card stud, which involves requires Jacks or better to open the betting.

In video poker, you also get five cards at first and the chance to improve your hand.

Once you get your second group of cards, you’ll discover if you won money.

There are several possible winning hands, although four of a kind, a straight flush, and a royal flush pay out the most money.

Certain sites accepting real money offer bonuses if you stake a certain number of credits and win with a Royal Flush.

In rare cases, you might find that a machine’s Return to Player (RTP) percentage exceeds 100%.

Technically speaking, a video poker expert could win money in the long run by using their talent.

While video poker requires luck like slots, it also rewards people who understand the game.


If you’ve heard of casino games, you’re almost certainly familiar with the name ‘blackjack.’

The first written record of the game comes from France in 1768.

It pits you against the dealer, and you need to beat their points total while never going over a score of 21.

A score of 22+ means you go ‘bust’ and lose the game unless the dealer does the same thing.

Blackjack begins with the dealer giving everyone two cards face up, although one of their cards remains face down.

Cards with values of 2-10 remain the same; Aces are 1 or 11 points, while you get 10 points for each face card (Jacks, Queens, and Kings).

After receiving two cards, you have the option to ‘stand,’ which means take no more cards, or ‘hit,’ which involves requesting an extra card.

Getting the same score as the dealer is a ‘push,’ so you get your money back, while winning a hand means you double your money.

However, a win with a score of 21 earns you 2.5 times your original stake because you get a bonus.

There are also options such as insurance and surrender if you feel a loss is likely and you want to get some money back.

On the other side of the coin, you can ‘split’ or ‘double down’ if you believe the advantage is yours.

Certain rules vary according to a casino, including whether a dealer can ‘hit’ when they have soft 17.

Any hand containing an Ace is considered ‘soft’ because it has two possible values.


Baccarat is another classic casino card game that’s easier to understand than many people realize.

It is a card game that pits the player against the banker, and you can choose which side to take.

The maximum score is nine, and the person who gets the highest total wins.

For any score over nine, the second digit automatically becomes the total.

Suppose the dealer gets 17; their baccarat score is 7.

Each face card is worth 0 points, Aces are one point, and numbered cards retain their value.

Whether the player or banker gets a ‘natural’ 8 or 9 after two cards, they win the hand unless the other person has the same hand or better.

One or both sides may require a third card if there is no natural, depending on the game state.

Should the player have a score of 5 or less, they must take a third card.

Although you double your money with a win, certain casinos take a percentage of your profit as their commission.

A win on a ‘tie’ has a payout of 8/1 or 9/1 depending on the casino.

Of the three best-known forms of baccarat, Punto Banco is the most popular on casinos.

Tips For Safe Online Gambling

It is great news if you enjoy the excitement offered by real money casinos.

Unfortunately, online gambling isn’t always safe.

Common sense safety

Sticking to a pre-determined bankroll is among the most important things you can do when gambling online.

If you believe you might have an addiction and are concerned, get help as soon as you can.

The real money site industry is not well-regulated, so read our comprehensive reviews before choosing any provider.

Don’t play on open Wi-Fi networks because your data is unencrypted, which means it is not secure.

You should also have two-factor authentication (2FA) to reduce the risk of someone accessing your account and stealing your money.

Suppose you want to keep your real money site hobby a secret from the bank. In that case, using cryptocurrency instead of fiat warrants serious consideration.

Finally, don’t play while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and don’t chase your losses.

Do you have other doubts? Check the following

It is a good idea to check the standard of a real money website’s customer service before you even register.

The last thing you want is to deposit a large sum of money, only to find that the site isn’t helpful when you experience a problem.

Along with licenses and reputation, the customer support provided by real money casinos is among the most important criteria in our reviews.

Consider placing tiny amounts of cash in your account at first until you’re comfortable with the site.

Look into the variety of games a real money casino offers to see if you’re likely to remain entertained or get bored quickly.

Although it’s easy to find access to various bonuses, relatively few of them will benefit you, so pay attention to the terms and conditions.

It is also essential to use a real money site that comes with SSL certification to store your private data safely.