Best Archery Betting Sites in 2024

How we review the best sites
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We have reviewed as many as 455 websites since we have launched wegamble.

The above list is the summary of the best archery betting sites at this time.

Throughout this page, we will provide:

  • A short review of each of the 7 betting sites with archery we recommend

  • Our archery betting site’s review methodology simply explained with full-transparency

  • An actionable guide on choosing the best betting sites with archery for your needs

  • And many more. Let’s dive in!

Selecting the best archery betting website that fits your expectations is crucial.

You may need specific features to make your experience enjoyable or even possible.

Below are some of the factors we use to determine our list of the best archery betting sites.


The reputation of the betting website with archery you choose is crucial.

To check the reputation of the companies recommended above, we have assessed the following aspects:

  • The licenses which the archery betting site holds

  • What year was the archery betting site founded?

  • The volume of complaints about the archery betting site from real users online

  • Does the archery betting site quickly resolve these complaints to an acceptable standard?

You have to know that you can trust the betting platform with archery you’re depositing money with.

Consequently, knowing whether the brand has a history of satisfied customers with few reports of scams is crucial information.

Restricted countries

It can be a deal-breaker if a archery betting site doesn’t offer services to players in your country.

Indeed, there are potential limitations on the sites you can choose in your country.

If your country is not supported, you may not find it in the archery betting website’s dropdown when registering.

One problem is that some betting sites don’t care where you live.

As a result, you can register and fund your account on these betting websites.

That players from your location aren’t normally allowed isn’t relevant.

The betting website only goes through the verification process once you try to withdraw money from your account.

And when they discover that you have been wagering from one of their restricted countries …

Your accounts and the funds in it may be completely frozen.

The worst archery betting websites may even close your account and confiscate your balance forever.

As a result, do your due diligence and check whether or not the archery betting website of your choice supports your country.

Fortunately, we make it easy for you.

We make a huge effort to research and recommend only the best archery betting platforms that are available in your location.

Please use the handy tool at the top-right of your screen and accurately select your location to ensure we provide the right archery betting site information.

Loyalty benefits

With so many rivals, betting platforms with archery need to offer unique promotions and VIP packages to attract and keep players.

At first glance, these offers seem fantastic and worth taking advantage of.

However, the terms and conditions usually include significant restrictions.

You need to find a archery betting site with generous promotions and VIP benefits to improve your user experience.

Does the Archery Betting Website offer attractive promotions?

Don’t assume that every archery betting website provides exclusive and unique promotions.

Quite a few try to bring in players using registration bonuses that include strict betting requirements.

On the other hand, the best archery betting websites offer a range of interesting and rewarding promotions.

Players enjoy these interesting promotions that also make their money last longer.

Does the VIP package truly reward loyal players?

Aside from promotions, many betting websites with archery also keep loyal players on board with VIP benefits.

It is only ‘VIP’ if it includes special benefits that other players never earn.

For instance, it could have cash bonuses, extra chips, one-to-one customer support, birthday ‘presents,’ and much more.

The best VIP programs improve the player’s experience with the site and ensure they remain loyal.

Consequently, focus on the VIP benefits section of our reviews if you intend to bet regularly on any archery betting site.

What payment methods does the Archery Betting Site accept?

Most betting sites with archery (if not all) accept debit/credit cards as a means of payment.

However, there are many options apart from standard debit and credit card payments.

The more variety, the better.

Also, there are advantages and disadvantages to every method of payment.

For instance, some archery betting websites offer bonuses for specific payment methods.

Speaking of bonuses, let’s discuss what you can expect from online archery betting sites.

Archery Betting Sites games quality & quantity

Even if you enjoy using a archery betting website, playing the same games over and over again quickly becomes boring.

Ideally, you’ll find a archery betting website with a large amount of well-known games.

We take a close look at the different types of games offered by archery betting websites, so you can find out if the site will keep your attention.

Are there enough games?

A greater quantity of games means you’re more likely to find something you like.

Some archery betting sites offer a low number of games which you’ll quickly grow tired of playing.

What you need is a archery betting website with a large enough choice to keep you entertained.

Our reviews account for the quantity of archery betting platform games on offer, so you’ll know that a site can keep you happy.

The quality of games matters too

There are betting sites with archery with over 4,000 games!

Yet, this doesn’t matter if most of the games aren’t well-known.

It is important to note that a huge selection doesn’t mean you’re getting great games.

The best betting platforms with archery have lots of games but also the most popular ones.

Of course, this is easier said than done, which is where we come in.

Customer support

The quality of support provided by an archery betting site is crucial to your user experience.

If you have an issue while betting, a customer support team is often the difference between being satisfied and angry.

The best archery betting sites understand the importance of offering world-class customer support.

They usually have long customer support opening hours and a team that quickly solves your issue.

High-quality archery betting sites also provide a live chat feature for quick access to a support member.

Furthermore,there is often a comprehensive FAQ page that helps answer most player questions.

As a result, you don’t waste valuable time waiting to chat to a customer service agent.

Welcome bonus

Most archery betting sites provide new players with a welcome bonus.

Obviously, such offers are never free from sometimes very strict conditions.

In most instances, betting 30-60 times your initial deposit is necessary to free the bonus.

Therefore, welcome bonuses are rarely a good thing for players. That’s why you shouldn’t focus on them.

Looking for a archery betting site with valuable VIP benefits and promotion is a better use of your time.

For most players, these are likely more beneficial than any welcome bonuses.

Browse the web, and you’ll find plenty of archery betting site content.

Unfortunately, a lot of what you read is inaccurate and fails to examine sites closely.

We do things differently.

We spend hours wagering on each of the betting platforms we assess.

This enables us to give you a detailed analysis of the site’s playability, pros and cons, reputation, and more.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of betting companies this way, and have created a shortlist of the best betting sites with archery so you don’t have to.

We are delighted to offer this service.

Despite the fun people have betting online, there are plenty of horror stories too.

An increasing group of people have an addiction to gambling online, and many even lose their life savings.

As a result, we have created a quick guide outlining what you should and should NOT do when using a archery betting platform.

What you should do

Please read our reviews to discover the best and worst betting sites with archery currently on the market.

If you want to keep your cash safe, there is no question that two-factor authentication (2FA) is crucial.

With 2FA, you can only log in when you provide two different methods of identification.

You require a tablet/phone to get a code that you use along with a password and username.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also worth investing in because it helps encrypt your data when you’re online.

The fact that a VPN hides your IP address means you can keep your privacy intact when using a archery betting platform.

Once you’re on the archery betting site, find the games that provide the lowest house edge and only spend money you can afford to lose.

Also, keep a careful record of how much you win or lose to see if you tend to risk too much money.

Take breaks every so often to clear your mind instead of losing track of time in front of the screen.

The time away from the site might prompt you to finish betting entirely, or at least improve your concentration.

If you find a handful of reputable betting websites with archery, learn which one provides the best bonuses to ensure you get value for money.

Don’t begin any game until you’re familiar with the rules.

Lastly, rather than using a traditional payment method like a bank transfer, see if you can use cryptocurrency instead.

With cryptocurrencies, you benefit from additional anonymity, and your bank knows nothing about your archery betting website account.

What you should NOT do

You should consider closing your betting platform account if you start to notice things are getting out of control.

Failure to do so at this point may result in a gambling addiction that could ruin your life.

Therefore, avoid borrowing cash to feed your habit lest you start owing money you can’t pay.

No matter what, never chase your losses, as this aggressive tactic tends to lead to even heavier ones.

Instead, keep your stakes low, set a bankroll, and stick to it rigidly.

Ideally, you will access archery betting sites from a secure Internet connection, preferably in your home.

If you use a public network, you’re asking for big trouble.

As these are unencrypted networks with no password needed, anyone in range can determine who’s using what online.

They can see the unencrypted web pages you visit, what you type into forms, and even if you’re connected to your bank’s website.

Lastly, betting with a clear head is a good idea; this means no using alcohol or other intoxicating drugs.

Such substances can lower your inhibitions, causing you to lose money at a faster rate than you thought possible.

You might find things a little confusing when using a archery betting platform for the first time.

However, we’re confident that once you’ve followed our advice, it will seem much easier.

Select a Archery Betting Site from our list

There are seemingly hundreds of betting sites with archery available.

Sadly, there are many sites you can’t trust.

At wegamble, we provide a detailed list of reviews to save you time and frustration.

We believe our comprehensive review section offers everything you need to know about betting sites with archery to make an informed decision.

You should select several archery betting platforms from our list to properly compare their different characteristics, such as game variety and odds.

Analyzing multiple sites side-by-side enables you to determine the best fit quickly.

Now that you’ve picked your #1 choice, it is time to register with that site.

Register with the Archery Betting Site

Creating an account with any archery betting website involves registering and entering your personal information.

It is important to include the right data and pay special attention to your country of residence and the currency you plan to use.

It is a fact that plenty of archery betting companies have rules preventing people from specific nations from using their services.

A betting site could suspend your account later if you live in a restricted area and lie about it.

What’s worse is that some archery betting companies only perform verification after you have won money.

Once you try to withdraw your winnings, the site blocks your access to the account and takes your funds.

Should your initial selection ban people from your nation, return to our list and choose another betting website with archery.

That way, you don’t get a nasty surprise later on.

Deposit funds

Once you become a registered user, you must deposit funds if you intend to bet.

Before we go any further, we must stress that you should only ever bet with money you can afford to lose.

Set a budget before you fund your account, and stay disciplined.

When you have a dedicated maximum spend, you know when to quit rather than chasing losses.

Check out our payment methods section to learn more about the various depositing options.

Getting involved in sports markets

A growing number of betting platforms provide access to sports.

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to sports markets.

You can focus on American football, soccer, rugby union, baseball, and much more.

Maybe you have a sport that you specialize in and want to use your knowledge to make money.

However, if you don’t, pay attention to the different markets and odds offered by betting websites with archery.

Also, set a limit on how much you stake on each sporting event to keep your bankroll under control.

Withdraw your winnings

Congratulations! You have made some clever moves and now want to withdraw your money safely.

Go to the terms and conditions section of the betting website with archery to read about its rules on taking money out of your account.

You might find that the betting website with archery won’t allow you to enjoy your winnings until you’ve met certain stipulations.

It is usually simpler to use the same payment method for withdrawals as you do for deposits.

Of course, you can use different options, though this requires adding further information.

Depending on the withdrawal method you use, you could receive your money in minutes or a few days.

We hope you have fun exploring all the games betting websites with archery have to offer.

Nonetheless, we must warn you of the risks attached to gambling online.

Basic safety

Rule #1 of online gambling is to decide on your maximum allowable losses before you begin and never exceed this limit.

If you fear that you spend too much time and money on a gambling site, close your accounts and ask for help.

Sadly, the archery betting site industry lacks strong regulation, so check out our reviews before risking any money.

Don’t bet on open Wi-Fi networks because your data is unencrypted, which means it is not secure.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is essential because it provides extra security to your account.

Suppose you want to keep your archery betting company hobby a secret from the bank. In that case, using cryptocurrency instead of fiat warrants serious consideration.

Finally, don’t get involved with archery betting companies while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and don’t chase your losses.

Other things you can check

Before registration, find out what you can about the customer service quality of a archery betting website.

Imagine depositing a significant amount of money, only to discover that the site doesn’t want to know when you have an issue.

Our reviews outline how archery betting companies fare with regards to customer support and highlight important information such as licensing and reputation.

You could also approach sites with caution by depositing small sums of money at first.

You should see if a archery betting site has enough high-quality games to keep things interesting.

While there are plenty of bonuses available, only a small percentage are of any use to customers, so bear this in mind before depositing.

Finally, stick with archery betting sites that use SSL certification because it shows they take your private data’s security seriously.

If you use crypto

Cryptocurrency use on archery betting sites is growing in popularity, as companies even offer bonuses for using it.

If you know how to use crypto transactions, you’re already aware of their speed, not to mention their anonymous nature.

One downside is that mistakes are easy to make and extremely costly when using digital currency.

As a result, take extra care to get the wallet address right when sending or receiving crypto.

Check the last ten letters to ensure there are no errors in the transaction.

Sending it to the wrong place might result in the loss of everything you send.

Make sure you also send the right crypto and use the proper blockchain.

Failure to do so might result in you sending the wrong type of crypto or significantly more cash than expected.

Crypto assets’ value rises and falls so quickly that you could lose out with even a minor mistake.

Writing an accurate and truthful archery betting site review involves taking on the role of an experienced player, as all our reviewers are.

This is an overview of the steps we take in creating our in-depth content.

1. We register with the Archery Betting Site and make a deposit

Our first act is to register with the betting site with archery.

Here, we take note of any country restrictions.

Doing so ensures we let you know if the site bans users from your country.

After that, we add our personal data and deposit some money.

Not only do we determine the full list of the requested information, but we also find out about the payment methods you can use.

All of the above helps us communicate any difficulties involved while registering.

2. We play as many games as possible on the Archery Betting Site

Writing a proper archery betting company review takes time and effort as you have to conduct many tests.

Consequently, playing games for hours is a crucial component of understanding the site.

Our team isn’t content until it has played dozens of games to discover the standard of gameplay.

Through this process, we can provide a genuine account of our user experience.

The longer we wager on the site, the more likely it is that we’ll discover game glitches, not to mention the effect of the design on our eyes!

Finally, lengthy sessions let us know whether the archery betting site is likely to keep its users entertained, or reward its VIP players.

3. We chat with customer service

Our team’s communication with a archery betting website’s customer support team is crucial in rating a company overall.

Let’s face it, poor service in this department is often the difference between a great user experience and a bad one.

As a result, we focus on chatting to a archery betting site’s support team to see if it offers a good standard of service.

Through this process, we learn about a site’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

We send detailed questions to a site’s customer service department to see how well trained the support team is.

4. We withdraw our balance

Once we’re finished using the site, the next step involves withdrawing our remaining balance.

Knowing archery betting websites’ withdrawal procedures is one of the most important aspects of our reviews.

Sadly, there are some low-grade betting platforms that won’t let you take out your hard-earned cash.

This can include freezing your account and only asking for verification once you try to withdraw.

We emphasize any problems we have when trying to withdraw money.

Other important aspects we consider include withdrawal payment options and how long it takes for the transaction to process.

5. We research more information and complaints about the site

Even all of the above isn’t yet enough to provide the in-depth reviews written by wegamble.

We also check out any complaints related to the archery betting site, along with its overall reputation.

By the time we’re finished, we know almost everything there is to know about a archery betting site.

Should this analysis uncover any additional concerns, we address them in the review.

While most sites are content to finish their research by now, we go one step further.

6. We talk with gamblers to obtain feedback

There are few better ways to get a clear picture of a archery betting site’s reputation than to speak to real players.

We get in contact with individuals who have used the archery betting sites we review.

While each reviewer offers a fantastic overview of what to expect from a site, it is incorrect to say one person’s experience is entirely representative of the site.

There’s a possibility that the betting site with archery fixed the bug we found quickly or that the customer service member we spoke to was new.

Yet when we talk to several people, it becomes clear whether a site has obvious issues or not.

By now, we have every confidence that our final result provides a genuine and independent review of a archery betting site.

Our process takes a huge amount of time and effort. However, we believe it is worth it to help people looking to find a trustworthy and high-quality site.

There are many payment options with archery betting websites.

Nonetheless, it is a mistake to assume one choice is as good as the next.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

It would help if you established your needs before making a decision.

This guide briefly looks into many of the most popular payment methods to help you choose the most suitable one.

Bank transfers

Those who favor bank transfers suggest that they are safe and secure forms of payment.

However, they have no advantages over debit/credit card payments and plenty of downsides.

Ensuring that your bank account is verified with the archery betting website is essential to proceed.

It is a measure that ensures the bank gets in touch if it spots possible fraud (KYC rules).

Even though it adds a layer of security, bank transfers are among the slowest forms of payment.

Indeed, customers find it can take as long as a week to complete a transaction.

Unless you already have money in your betting website with archery account when depositing, you’ll have to wait to join the action.

If you win a large sum, you can’t use the money for a while.

In addition, not everyone is happy to provide archery betting websites with their bank details.

Indeed, you even need to contend with the fact that you could miss out on a mortgage application because of your bank transfer on a archery betting site.

Ultimately, you should avoid using a bank transfer as a payment method on archery betting sites.

Credit/Debit cards

This form of payment remains the most popular option amongst betting websites with archery players.

Companies such as MasterCard, AmEx, and Visa are among the leaders in the industry.

With a debit or credit card, you benefit from rapid transactions.

Withdrawals and deposits go through almost instantly.

The convenience associated with this payment method is another reason for its popularity.

Nonetheless, a major downside is that debit and credit card companies don’t like it when you use a card on a archery betting site.

You should also understand that using this payment method is a bad idea if you want to borrow money to buy a house.

There are stories of banks shutting down mortgage applications because the applicant used a betting website with archery.

As a result, you may need to use an entirely different payment method on a archery betting company.


Also known as ‘crypto,’ this payment method is a relatively new way to pay for purchases.

The best-known cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, but other prominent coins include Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Pros of cryptocurrencies

The use of cryptocurrency on betting sites with archery is increasing due to the level of security involved and the bypassing of banks it allows.

You don’t even require a bank account once you utilize digital currency.

As a result, players have far more privacy with cryptocurrency than credit/debit cards or E-wallets.

The transactions are anonymous, although this is far from being the only big benefit of digital currency.

Another pro associated with cryptocurrency is the incredible speed of transactions.

Also, Bitcoin, in particular, is extremely safe to use because its networks have never been hacked.

In addition, you could benefit from a bonus for using cryptocurrency on a archery betting platform.

Why? You’ll find that betting sites with archery also benefit when users opt for crypto.

They enjoy additional privacy and pay lower fees than with other payment methods.

Downsides of cryptocurrencies

Yet you must understand the risks associated with using digital currency.

Once you make a digital currency transfer, it is non-reversible.

Unfortunately, this means your money is gone permanently if a dodgy betting site scams you.

This is because digital currency isn’t regulated, so there is no authority you can appeal to.

Also, the value of crypto can fluctuate rapidly.

You benefit if you win digital currency, hold on to it for a while, and its price rises.

Yet, there is equally a chance of the currency’s value plummeting soon after you win it.

Cash to tickets

With this method of payment, you use vouchers as cash in betting platforms with archery.

Prominent companies include PaySafeCard, CashtoCode, and Flexepin.

Pros of cash to tickets

At present, North America is one of the most popular locations for cash to ticket use on archery betting websites.

They are extremely secure, and using one involves entering a PIN code to activate the voucher’s balance.

You should find it relatively easy to find cash to tickets from the biggest industry names in convenience stores.

You benefit from more privacy than with E-wallets or banks.

Neither your bank nor anyone else will know you use a cash to ticket on a archery betting website as you have to buy a separate voucher.

Also, you can only spend the amount on the voucher, which means you’re less likely to lose large amounts quickly.

Downsides of cash to tickets

If you lose the ticket before entering the PIN code, you lose all the money you spent on it.

Should you enjoy a few wins, you have to use a different method to withdraw your money.

For high rollers, the limits on a ticket’s balance often prove far too low.

Also, as is the case with crypto, voucher transactions are irreversible.

This means losing your money if you deposit on a fake archery betting website.

Although tickets are widely available, it is still inconvenient compared to almost every other payment method on this list.

You have to travel to a local store with cash every time you want a new voucher.


Electronic wallets allow players to store funds online and transfer the money into a betting website with archery account.

The best-known E-wallets include PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Benefits of E-wallets

You use your debit/credit card to deposit funds into your E-wallet and start spending from there.

If you have a positive balance in your E-wallet, the transfer happens in moments.

This form of payment method also ensures the bank has no idea what you’re doing.

It can’t determine why you have moved money into the wallet in the first place.

As a result, you should have fewer worries about applying for loans such as a mortgage.

Most of the best betting websites with archery are happy to accept transfers from E-wallets.

Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to set up an E-wallet.

Disadvantages of E-wallets

Even though it has many benefits, there are a few minus points to consider.

Firstly, you may find that an E-wallet provider hits you with relatively big transaction fees.

These merchants are also bound to uphold strict rules.

Therefore, depending on where you live, you might be unable to withdraw money.

E-wallet companies may also temporarily freeze your account while they conduct checks.

On occasion, this sometimes lengthy process can result in account closure.

One final issue is that the level of customer service offered by these businesses is sometimes extremely bad.

You might find that the provider takes weeks to deal with your issue.

There is evidence that humankind has used archery for at least 12,000 years, although it possibly dates back to the Stone Age.

Before gunpowder’s development, archery was widely practiced, with archers among the most valued participants on the battlefield.

Although advanced weaponry rendered archery obsolete in warfare, it gained a new lease of life as a pastime.

The first organized archery competition was held in England in the 1580s and had an impressive 3,000 entrants!

Modern competitive archery involves archers shooting arrows at a fixed target from a series of distances.

The World Archery Federation oversees competition and comprises over 150 national federations and associations.

Only a relatively small number of people wager on archery, but perhaps this is why you should consider joining them.

Read on to learn more about archery betting, including the available markets.

Why on Earth should I Bet on archery?

Successful bettors know that to earn a profit, it is usually wise to look at what other gamblers do and then do the opposite!

While your fellow punters can lose money betting on popular sports, you can take advantage of a lesser-known sport that offers great opportunities.

Finding archery betting websites is challenging, and there aren’t many tournaments available to bet on throughout the year.

However, apart from the World Championships and Olympic Games, numerous events occur throughout the year.

These include:

  • World Cup Stage

  • Mediterranean Games

  • European Outdoor Championships

  • European Youth Championships

You can learn more about upcoming events at all levels by visiting the official World Archery Federation website.

You must know the sport’s rules when you find a betting website that offers the chance to bet on archery.

Once you’re familiar with it, you’re in a position perhaps to take advantage of any archery betting platform pricing errors.

Before looking at the available archery wagering markets, let’s briefly examine the different event types and scoring systems.

What are the different types of archery?

The most common form of the sport is target archery, with competitions taking place indoors or outdoors.

Archers in the indoor version aim at targets 18 meters away.

In the outdoor iteration, the distances range from 25 to 90 meters away, the latter being a true test of skill.

Field archery takes place in rougher terrain, and unlike target archery, it is not an Olympic sport.

The official World Archery Federation website lists the following types of modern competition:

  • 3D archery

  • Clout archery

  • Crossbow archery

  • Flight archery

  • Ski archery

  • Run archery

  • Para-archery

Please note that in World Archery Federation competitions, there are separate categories for Recurve, Compound, Barebow, and Standard bows in target archery.

How is competitive archery scored?

The target distance, number of arrows used, and number of sets vary depending on the type of archery and overall category.

For instance, in recurve target archery, the target is 70 meters away, and the entire round board is 122 cm in diameter.

In contrast, compound archers aim at a target 50 meters away; the board is 80 cm in diameter.

Regardless of the competition, there are usually 10 scoring zones, with the center of the board rewarding shooters with a maximum of 10 points.

There are slight differences between recurve and compound events regarding how matches are decided.


In recurve target archery, a set system is used; in individual head-to-head games, one set consists of three arrows.

Both archers fire three arrows, and the person with the highest total wins.

An archer receives two points for winning a set and one for a draw.

In individual matches, the first to six points overall wins; barebow matches use the same system.

There is a maximum of five sets in each match, and as soon as the archer reaches six points, they are declared the winner.

The game goes to a tiebreak if the scores are level after five sets and neither competitor reaches six points.

The number of arrows and sets is different in team matches.


In compound archery, a cumulative score is used instead; it is a system that tends to reward consistency.

Archers in individual matches receive 15 arrows each, and the highest total score wins.

If the game ends in a tie, the game goes into a tiebreak.

Now that you have a better idea of how archery games are scored, here’s a look at the available betting markets.

Best archery Betting markets

While sports fans interested in soccer, tennis, and baseball are spoiled for choice regarding markets, archery lovers must contend with a limited selection.

On the plus side, you can narrow your focus and perform detailed research rather than choosing a scattergun approach.

Match winner

This is the most straightforward market as it involves choosing one archer or team to beat the other.

Before placing a wager, make sure you understand the differences in rules between the archery forms.

In recurve individual games, the first to six points wins, whereas, in compound archery, the winner is the archer with the best score after 15 shots.

As matches can end level and go to a tiebreak, check the terms and conditions of the archery betting website to see what happens to your bet in this case.

Some betting websites payout if your selection wins in a tiebreak, while others may settle the wager as a loss.

Total points

Again, this market will vary depending on the type of archery game.

In recurve target archery matches, there are five sets, and the first to six points wins, whereas in compound events, the maximum score is 150.

Most archery betting websites offer an over/under market, although some may also give you a chance to bet on alternative points lines.

Handicap lines

This bet is precisely the same as in other sports.

If you think one archer is far superior to the other or that the underdog is being underrated, you can use this market.

The archery betting website will give a points handicap that the favored archer or team must overcome.

Your goal is to predict whether the favorite will win by more than the spread.

If you think they are being overrated, you have the option to back the outsider on the handicap.

Outright winner

Apart from the major tournaments such as the Olympics, there are different archery events throughout the year.

If you can find archery betting companies willing to offer markets on outright winners, you could earn a tidy profit.

Please note that World Archery Federation events have separate recurve and compound categories for men, women, men’s teams, women’s teams, and mixed male and female teams.

Things to remember when Wagering on archery

First and foremost, remember that the rules vary depending on the type of archery competition and the bow used.

Also, weather can play a big role in the outcome if the event is taking place outdoors.

Consistency matters, particularly in recurve archery competitions where each participant gets just three arrows per set.

One archer could hit two perfect tens followed by a three for a total of 23 and lose the set to an opponent who hits three eights for a score of 24.

All it takes is one slight error, and the set, perhaps the match, is gone.

Archery is also a sport where head-to-head records matter a fair amount.

If one player has a superb record against a rival, consider backing them if they are the underdog.

This is the case even if they aren’t in good form or are ranked below their opponent.

Overall, archery betting requires plenty of patience because there aren’t many events to pick from during the year.

However, once you know which competitions to focus on, you have the chance to profit from any mistakes made by archery betting sites.

Betting sites with archery must provide an impressive array of bonuses and rewards to stay relevant in a growing market.

Bonuses are a time-honored way of making people happy and ensuring their loyalty.

However, not every reward is useful, so you need to check out the terms and conditions associated with each archery betting site’s offering.

Let’s look at the types of bonuses you can expect upon registration and when playing games on a archery betting website.

No deposit bonuses

The no deposit bonus often seems like the best offer because it is effectively a free gift.

It is a handy way to see if you like the archery betting site’s games without risking any cash.

However, while there is no deposit stipulation, there are specific criteria you must meet to cash out the money.

You can expect to play through the bonus 30+ times before withdrawing it.

For instance, a site might give you a $10 bonus, but you have to make $300 of wagers before you can take the money.

Although it isn’t as generous as it seems, you should consider taking the no deposit bonus to help you navigate the betting site with archery.

Unfortunately, unless you’re a new customer, you’re unlikely to receive the offer.

Welcome bonus

This is by far the most common offer and is a signing-on bonus you get once you register with a archery betting site and deposit for the first time.

Marketed as a token of appreciation, it is a clever method of ensuring you spend some time on the betting website with archery.

Typically, you receive a 100% match-up bonus, which doubles (matches) your initial deposit.

Imagine you deposit $50; the archery betting site tops up your balance with another $50, so you now have $100.

Other betting websites with archery add free spins to the welcome bonus, another smart way to get you involved in the action.

Overall, these bonuses seem like great value.

Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll soon come across plenty of conditions that drastically reduce any benefit you get.

For example, you can only cash out the betting website with archery bonus once you have gone through at least 30 times your first deposit.

Consequently, unless you bet with at least $3,000 after a $100 deposit, you can’t turn the bonus into withdrawable cash.

Reload bonuses

As the name suggests, you receive this reward when you deposit more money or ‘reload’ your account.

The welcome bonus gets you on the archery betting site, while a reload is designed to keep you there.

It is normal for regular users to receive reload bonuses, and they often get them monthly.

Most sites don’t advertise the reload bonus publicly; instead, they email or text the recipients.

This is the case because archery betting websites prefer to award bonuses based on user activity.

Like welcome bonuses, reloads tend to have catches; one of the most common is a minimum deposit.

However, you’ll probably continue to get reload bonuses from a archery betting site if you’re a loyal customer.

VIP bonuses

If you want to earn one of these bonuses, you’ll need to prove that you’re a serious punter.

Betting websites with archery give these rewards to individuals who spend a lot of money on the site.

The perks associated with such a program include large matching deposits and higher beting limits.

There are usually different ‘levels,’ so the higher your ranking, the better the bonuses and the greater the frequency.

A cashback bonus is another example of an exclusive reward, and it provides partial compensation for losses.

For instance, you might receive anywhere from 5% to 20% of your monthly losses back as a bonus from a betting website with archery.

While the term ‘high roller’ sounds cool, it might indicate that you’re enduring heavy losses.

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