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Has a valid license
Has a good reputation
Attractive and convenient bonuses
Fast and helpful customer support
Good deposit and withdrawal options, low fees
The casino offers good variety of games



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  • Reputation.

    You will have a hard time finding negative online reviews about Gogawi that are legitimate.

  • Ease of use.

    It is really easy to navigate Gogawi‘s platform.

  • Theme & Design.

    The design and experience on Gogawi are very unique and well thought.

  • Mobile Experience.

    Gogawi is a great pick if you like playing on your mobile.


  • License.

    Gogawi has licensing in Curaçao, which isn’t considered as highly rated as some other licensing. As a result, you should consider the online reputation of the website carefully before playing.

  • Promotions.

    Gogawi offers nothing but dull promotions that aren’t worth bothering with.

  • VIP Program.

    Gogawi doesn’t seem to offer a VIP program at this time.

  • Lengthy Registration Process.

    It takes long to register an account with Gogawi. You can expect several minutes to complete the process.


What are eWallets?
eWallets are payment methods that allow casino players to deposit and withdraw funds without using card or bank details. The only requirement is to log into your eWallet digital account and confirm the transfer. Some of the most popular eWallets are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.
Regular Payment Methods
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    Interac Online
    Interac Online
    Bank transfer
    Bank transfer
Other Payment Methods
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    Internet Banking
    Pago Efectivo
    Transferencia Bancaria Local
    Webpay (by Neteller)
    Boleto Flash
What are Cryptocurrencies?
To get started with crypto gambling, you must sign up for a crypto wallet. This is a hub for purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. After you open a wallet, just load it with money from your bank account/card. Find a casino to play with and you can make the first crypto deposit. Just select a preferred cryptocurrency, enter the desired deposit amount, and scan the QR code (or copy the wallet address to your crypto wallet).
  • +1
    Bitcoin Cash
    Bitcoin Cash
    OMG Network (OmiseGo)
    OMG Network (OmiseGo)


What are eWallets?
eWallets are payment methods that allow casino players to deposit and withdraw funds without using card or bank details. The only requirement is to log into your eWallet digital account and confirm the transfer. Some of the most popular eWallets are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill.
Regular Payment Methods
  • +2
    Interac Online
    Interac Online
Other Payment Methods
  • +3
    Internet Banking
    Pago Efectivo
    Transferencia Bancaria Local
    Boleto Flash
What are Cryptocurrencies?
To get started with crypto gambling, you must sign up for a crypto wallet. This is a hub for purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. After you open a wallet, just load it with money from your bank account/card. Find a casino to play with and you can make the first crypto deposit. Just select a preferred cryptocurrency, enter the desired deposit amount, and scan the QR code (or copy the wallet address to your crypto wallet).
  • +1
    Bitcoin Cash
    Bitcoin Cash
    OMG Network (OmiseGo)
    OMG Network (OmiseGo)
Maximum Withdrawals

The maximum payout limit on Gogawi is 50000 EUR Per month.

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The wegamble team has reviewed 461 platforms so far.

The above list is the summary of the best indy racing betting platforms at this time.

This page features:

  • An overview of our top 7 indy racing betting sites

  • An introduction on how we rate indy racing betting sites

  • How to find the best indy racing betting sites

  • And a lot more. Let’s get started!

The Web contains a huge amount of indy racing betting site information, sure.

But much of it isn’t honest or detailed.

Wegamble uses a different method.

We spend hours betting on each of the betting sites we assess.

This helps us offer in-depth reviews on every important aspect of each site.

With hundreds of betting site reviews so far and a list of the best sites in the business, our hard work means you can quickly and easily identify the most suitable betting websites with indy racing.

We are delighted to offer this service.

Finding the best indy racing betting platform for your requirements is key if you intend to have fun.

You may need specific features to make your experience enjoyable or even possible.

We advise you to consider the following when selecting a indy racing betting site to register with.


The reputation of the indy racing betting website you choose is crucial.

To check the reputation of the companies recommended above, we have assessed the following aspects:

  • The licenses which the betting site with indy racing holds

  • What year was the indy racing betting site founded?

  • The volume of complaints about the betting site with indy racing from real users online

  • Does the betting site with indy racing quickly resolve these complaints to an acceptable standard?

You have to know that you can trust the indy racing betting website you’re depositing money with.

Consequently, knowing whether the brand has a history of satisfied customers with few reports of scams is crucial information.

Prohibited countries

The most important aspect when choosing your indy racing betting site is to know if you are allowed to register an account.

Depending on your location, it is possible that your site of choice may not be available.

If you are forbidden from using the indy racing betting website in your country, you might find that it isn’t available for selection when registering.

One problem is that some betting websites don’t care where you live.

As a result, you can register and fund your account on these betting companies.

This happens even if they don’t typically allow players from your country to do so.

But when the day comes to withdraw your winnings, the betting website requests to verify your identity and address.

Once they find out that you live in a restricted country…

They may freeze your account and make it really difficult for your to withdraw your winnings.

Low-quality betting websites with indy racing take this opportunity to keep your money permanently.

As a result, do your due diligence and check whether or not the indy racing betting website of your choice supports your country.

Fortunately, we make it easy for you.

We make a huge effort to research and recommend only the best indy racing betting sites that are available in your location.

Please use the handy tool at the top-right of your screen and accurately select your location to ensure we provide the right indy racing betting site information.

VIP benefits

Indy racing betting websites know that players have a lot of choices, so they must provide benefits such as VIP programs and promotions to stay ahead.

It is easy to think that these offers represent great value.

However, the terms and conditions usually include significant restrictions.

It is best to focus your search on indy racing betting websites with promotions that don’t have many strings attached.

What promotions does the Indy Racing Betting Site offer?

It is incorrect to think that all indy racing betting sites reward players with a decent range of promotions.

Some prefer to provide welcome bonuses with severe limitations related to how much you wager.

On the other hand, the best betting sites with indy racing offer a range of interesting and rewarding promotions.

Players enjoy these interesting promotions that also make their money last longer.

Does the VIP package truly reward loyal players?

Aside from promotions, many betting websites with indy racing also keep loyal players on board with VIP benefits.

A VIP package should include benefits and promotions that standard players don’t receive.

For instance, it could have cash bonuses, extra chips, one-to-one customer support, birthday ‘presents,’ and much more.

A good VIP program promotes loyalty amongst players and enhances their user experience.

Consequently, focus on the VIP benefits section of our reviews if you intend to wager regularly on any indy racing betting site.

Payment methods in use

The majority of indy racing betting sites accept debit/credit cards.

However, there are many options apart from standard debit and credit card payments.

It is ideal if a site permits various payment methods.

In addition, each method has different benefits and drawbacks.

Indeed, certain betting platforms with indy racing reward players for using a given payment method.

It so happens that bonuses are extremely important for indy racing betting websites.

Range & standard of Indy Racing Betting Sites games

Even if you enjoy using a indy racing betting site, playing the same games over and over again quickly becomes boring.

Ideally, you’ll find a indy racing betting platform with a large amount of well-known games.

We take a close look at the different types of games offered by indy racing betting sites, so you can find out if the site will keep your attention.

Are there enough games?

The more games a betting website has, the more choice you have!

Some betting websites with indy racing offer a low number of games which you’ll quickly grow tired of playing.

The best indy racing betting sites tend to have a gigantic amount of games to choose from.

Our team outlines the selection of games in our ratings to ensure you understand which betting sites with indy racing can keep you entertained.

Look for popular games

It isn’t unusual to find a betting website with indy racing with more than 4,000 games.

Yet, this doesn’t matter if most of the games aren’t well-known.

It is important to note that a huge selection doesn’t mean you’re getting great games.

Ideally, you should choose a indy racing betting site that combines popular games with a huge choice.

It isn’t always easy to find this combination, but fortunately for you, we have everything covered.

Support efficiency

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any indy racing betting website.

If you have an issue while betting, a customer support team is often the difference between being satisfied and angry.

The best indy racing betting companies understand the importance of offering world-class customer support.

They usually have long customer support opening hours and a team that quickly solves your issue.

High-quality indy racing betting sites also provide a live chat feature for quick access to a support member.

You may also find a helpful FAQ page that allows you to check commonly-asked questions at a glance.

This means you don’t have to wait to speak to a customer support team member.

Welcome bonus standard

Offering a welcome bonus is a common practice for betting websites with indy racing

Typically, you can expect plenty of strings attached.

You may need to wager up to 60 times your deposit before the bonus becomes available.

Therefore, welcome bonuses are rarely a good thing for players. That’s why you shouldn’t focus on them.

Your priority? Selecting a indy racing betting site that offers great promotions and VIP benefits instead.

Ultimately, they are way better than welcome bonuses in most cases.

If you’re new to indy racing betting sites, they may seem a little intimidating.

We understand this and therefore provide a brief overview of how to get started.

Select a Indy Racing Betting Site from our list

The online gaming world is gigantic, with countless betting websites with indy racing.

Sadly, there are many sites you can’t trust.

This is why we have reviewed as many sites as possible to give you an insight into the ones you can trust.

Check out our guide to find all the necessary information to pick the best indy racing betting company for your needs.

You should select several indy racing betting websites from our list to properly compare their different characteristics, such as game variety and odds.

A side-by-side comparison makes it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Happy with your pick? If so, please proceed to the site’s registration page.

Complete the registration process

When registering with a betting site with indy racing, you must begin by filling in the requested personal data.

It is important to include the right data and pay special attention to your country of residence and the currency you plan to use.

This is because most indy racing betting websites don’t allow people from certain countries to register legally.

If you lie about your location, the betting site could ban you later.

In some cases, indy racing betting websites wait until you enjoy a big win to go through the verification process.

Such sites can keep your money and ban you.

Should your initial selection ban people from your nation, return to our list and choose another indy racing betting site.

That way, you don’t get a nasty surprise later on.

Deposit money

After registering your account, it is time to deposit money so you can start betting.

Please note that it is crucial to only wager with cash you can handle losing.

Set a rigid upper limit of spending, and never exceed it.

This practice keeps your losses under control and enables you to have fun.

Check out our payment methods section to learn more about the various depositing options.

Getting involved in sports markets

You’ll find it easy to find sports online thanks to the rapid increase in available betting sites.

There is an incredible list of sports to choose from in the modern era.

Soccer, NFL, horse racing, and golf are among the most popular sports.

Perhaps you already know the sport most likely to grab your attention.

However, if you don’t, pay attention to the different markets and odds offered by betting sites with indy racing.

Also, set a limit on how much you stake on each sporting event to keep your bankroll under control.

Withdrawing money

Perhaps your hard work has resulted in a profit; now is the time to withdraw your money.

You need to check the indy racing betting website’s terms and conditions to see if there are any withdrawal restrictions.

Some indy racing betting sites have specific requirements, and you can’t withdraw money until you fulfill them.

It is usually simpler to use the same payment method for withdrawals as you do for deposits.

Should you decide to use a new payment method, prepare to include more details.

Some forms of payment ensure you receive your money in a few minutes, while others can take days.

Even though you might enjoy online betting, it is essential to exercise caution.

An increasing group of people have an addiction to gambling online, and many even lose their life savings.

As a result, we have created a quick guide outlining what you should and should NOT do when using a indy racing betting site.

Things to do

Analyze the reviews written by the wegamble team to find out which betting sites with indy racing are worth your time, money, and trust.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a must if you’re serious about having a safe account.

2FA provides an extra layer of security because it requires two separate means of identification to log in.

Aside from knowing the account’s password and login information, you also need a smartphone or tablet to receive an additional code.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also worth investing in because it helps encrypt your data when you’re online.

Since your IP address is hidden with a VPN, registering with a indy racing betting site anonymously is easy.

Once you’re on the indy racing betting site, find the games that provide the lowest house edge and only spend money you can afford to lose.

Also, keep a careful record of how much you win or lose to see if you tend to risk too much money.

Take breaks every so often to clear your mind instead of losing track of time in front of the screen.

You might find that the break helps you become more focused, or else you decide that you’ve had enough of betting on the site for the day.

Analyzing which indy racing betting sites offer the most generous bonuses is also a good use of your time.

Regardless of the game you choose, read its terms and conditions to ensure you understand the rules.

To conclude, look into alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrency instead of debit or credit cards.

With cryptocurrencies, you benefit from additional anonymity, and your bank knows nothing about your indy racing betting website account.

What you should NOT do

If you begin spending more time and money than is advisable on a betting website, you may want to shut down your account.

Otherwise, there is a danger of becoming addicted, an issue that will cost you much more than just money.

Therefore, avoid borrowing cash to feed your habit lest you start owing money you can’t pay.

No matter what, never chase your losses, as this aggressive tactic tends to lead to even heavier ones.

Instead, keep your stakes low, set a bankroll, and stick to it rigidly.

Use betting sites with indy racing at home on your Internet connection because only members of your household know the password.

In contrast, gambling on games in a café or another place with an open Wi-Fi network is dangerous.

With no password required, the wireless traffic is unencrypted and visible to everyone in range.

As a result, you lose your privacy; it is even possible to know if someone connects to their banking website.

One more piece of advice is to stay away from alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, or any other intoxicating drugs, legal or otherwise, while wagering.

Such substances can lower your inhibitions, causing you to lose money at a faster rate than you thought possible.

Hopefully, the huge range of games on indy racing betting sites proves entertaining to you.

However, there are risks associated with online gambling.

Common sense safety

Rule #1 of online gambling is to decide on your maximum allowable losses before you begin and never exceed this limit.

Don’t be afraid to get help if you think you have a gambling addiction.

Sadly, the indy racing betting company industry lacks strong regulation, so check out our reviews before risking any money.

Using a public Wi-Fi network to bet is a bad idea because your activity is visible to others on the network.

You should also have two-factor authentication (2FA) to reduce the risk of someone accessing your account and stealing your money.

Consider using cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency on betting platforms with indy racing to keep your bank in the dark about your pastime.

Lastly, avoid chasing your losses at all costs, and stay away from indy racing betting websites when drunk or otherwise intoxicated.

Other things you can check

It is sensible to analyze whether a indy racing betting website’s customer support is of a reasonable quality before registering.

If the site refuses to help you with a problem once you’ve already deposited money, it is a frustrating and concerning experience.

Our reviews look into a indy racing betting website’s customer service level in great detail while also checking its reputation and licensing.

You could also approach sites with caution by depositing small sums of money at first.

Focus on the quality and quantity of the games available to determine if the betting site with indy racing will continue to grab your attention.

Almost every one of them offers bonuses, but you should investigate them to see if they suit your needs, level of play, etc.

It is also essential to use a indy racing betting site that comes with SSL certification to store your private data safely.

If you use crypto

A growing number of indy racing betting websites accept cryptocurrencies and even provide bonuses to users who deposit and withdraw using it.

For those familiar with sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, it is quick & easy and retains anonymity while they enjoy online games.

A significant minus is that you’ll probably lose the entire transaction amount if you make a mistake.

As a result, take extra care to get the wallet address right when sending or receiving crypto.

One tip is to focus on the last ten letters in the address when checking for errors.

Sending it to the wrong place might result in the loss of everything you send.

Other essentials include checking the crypto and blockchain you intend on using.

If you don’t, it’s possible to get the digital currency wrong or send thousands instead of hundreds.

Given the volatility of crypto assets, you could accidentally lose money in this fashion.

Betting sites with indy racing offer customers a wide range of ways to pay.

However, not all are created the same.

Each one has pros & cons.

It would help if you established your needs before making a decision.

This guide briefly looks into many of the most popular payment methods to help you choose the most suitable one.

Bank transfers

The major plus point with bank transfers, in general, is safety.

However, they have no advantages over debit/credit card payments and plenty of downsides.

Ensuring that your bank account is verified with the indy racing betting site is essential to proceed.

It is a measure that ensures the bank gets in touch if it spots possible fraud (KYC rules).

Although this is good from a safety perspective, bank transfers remain extremely slow.

It can take several working days for transactions to process.

This means you can’t use the indy racing betting website if your account is empty at the time of the deposit.

Furthermore, you can forget about enjoying a large cash win since it takes days for it to get to your bank account.

Then there is the small matter of giving banking information to indy racing betting websites, which isn’t to everyone’s liking.

Unfortunately, depositing or withdrawing money via bank transfer on a indy racing betting site could spell the end of a mortgage application.

There is little question that a bank transfer is among the least desirable payment methods when using indy racing betting sites.

Credit/Debit cards

At present, this is the most widely used form of payment on indy racing betting sites.

Companies such as MasterCard, AmEx, and Visa are among the leaders in the industry.

Customers enjoy the fast transaction speed offered by a credit or debit card.

Withdrawals and deposits go through almost instantly.

Cards are also an extremely convenient method of payment.

Nonetheless, a major downside is that debit and credit card companies don’t like it when you use a card on a indy racing betting site.

Also, it is unwise to use debit or credit cards if you plan to apply for a mortgage one day.

There are many reports of banks refusing mortgage applications due to indy racing betting site activity on a person’s account.

This means you’re better off looking into other forms of payment on indy racing betting sites instead.


Also known as ‘crypto,’ this payment method is a relatively new way to pay for purchases.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, which has the biggest market cap, Ethereum, and Cardano.

Advantages of cryptocurrencies

Indy racing betting websites tend to allow cryptocurrency transactions because they are secure and unrelated to traditional financial institutions.

There is no need to open a bank account when using digital currency.

This means a greater degree of privacy than with standard payment methods.

Apart from anonymity, there are many more advantages involved in using digital currency.

One of the best is the lightning quick transaction times.

Taking Bitcoin as an example of digital currency’s safety, hackers still can’t figure out how to get into its networks.

In addition, you could benefit from a bonus for using cryptocurrency on a indy racing betting site.

This is because crypto benefits the betting sites with indy racing too.

The privacy provided by cryptocurrencies extends to these organizations, and they also save money on fees compared to other payment methods.

Disadvantages of cryptocurrencies

Although it is a secure means of payment, there are some cryptocurrency issues.

For a start, all cryptocurrency transfers are non-reversible.

The problem here is that you lose everything you transfer if you deposit with a fraudulent betting website.

The lack of regulation means the bank can’t help you.

Then there is the small matter of huge and rapid changes in a cryptocurrency’s value.

Should you win crypto, keep it, and sell when the price rises, you can make the most of your winnings.

However, if you keep your crypto balance, you could also lose much of its value compared to paper money in a short period.

Cash to tickets

With this method of payment, you use vouchers as cash in indy racing betting websites.

The biggest organizations in this niche include Flexepin, CashtoCode, and PaySafeCard.

Pros of cash to tickets

Cash to tickets are becoming popular amongst indy racing betting site players in places like North America.

Security is one of the biggest benefits; you need the PIN code to start using the money in the voucher.

Go to any convenience store in North America, and there’s a good chance you’ll find a cash to ticket.

Certainly, there is more privacy from this payment method than with credit cards or bank transfers.

Since you have to purchase a separate voucher, there is no way for a bank (or your partner) to find out about your betting website with indy racing usage.

You can also control your spending because you’re limited to the amount on the ticket.

Cons of cash to tickets

If you lose the ticket before entering the PIN code, you lose all the money you spent on it.

Should you enjoy a few wins, you have to use a different method to withdraw your money.

Many tickets have low balance limits that won’t suit high rollers.

In addition, once you buy and use a cash to ticket, you can’t reverse the transaction.

If you mistakenly use a fraudulent betting site with indy racing, you can wave goodbye to the entire ticket balance.

Finally, it is an extremely inconvenient method.

Once your balance runs out, and you want a new ticket, you must take a trip to a physical store to buy a new one.


Electronic wallets allow players to store funds online and transfer the money into a betting website with indy racing account.

When considering E-wallets, look for well-known providers such as Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal.

Benefits of E-wallets

Assuming you have money in your bank account, you can place it into your E-wallet via your debit or credit card and spend it as you wish.

If you have a positive balance in your E-wallet, the transfer happens in moments.

When you conduct E-wallet transactions, the bank has no knowledge of them.

It can never know for sure what you’re using the money for.

As a consequence, your pastime is unlikely to be a reason for missing out on a mortgage.

Fortunately, almost every indy racing betting site worth using allows customers to transfer money via an E-wallet.

What’s more, the process of setting up an E-wallet takes a matter of minutes.

Downsides of E-wallets

Despite its good points, it isn’t the perfect payment method.

Certain E-wallets charge significant fees when you withdraw or convert currency.

E-wallet merchants are strictly regulated.

Therefore, depending on where you live, you might be unable to withdraw money.

E-wallet companies may also temporarily freeze your account while they conduct checks.

On occasion, this sometimes lengthy process can result in account closure.

One final issue is that the level of customer service offered by these businesses is sometimes extremely bad.

You might find that the provider takes weeks to deal with your issue.

We use our vast experience in playing indy racing betting site games to provide comprehensive and unbiased reviews.

This is an overview of the steps we take in creating our in-depth content.

1. We open a Indy Racing Betting Site account and deposit money

Our first act is to register with the indy racing betting site.

Then we check for geographical restrictions.

This enables us to inform you whether your country is on the restricted list.

Then we carefully enter personal details before depositing money.

Not only do we determine the full list of the requested information, but we also find out about the payment methods you can use.

By now, we know whether the process is quick and easy or long and complicated.

2. We play and test the Indy Racing Betting Site

The most basic principle of reviewing a betting platform with indy racing is to truly know it.

Consequently, playing games for hours is a crucial component of understanding the site.

We dedicate a huge amount of time to play as many games from different sections of the site as possible.

Through this process, we can provide a genuine account of our user experience.

We believe that betting for a long time gives us the best possible feel of a site’s design and lets us find bugs.

Overall, spending a lot of time on any betting website with indy racing is a great way to learn whether it is good for regular users and offers decent VIP rewards.

3. We contact customer service

Assessing the standard of a indy racing betting website’s customer support plays a key role in our overall rating.

Let’s face it, poor service in this department is often the difference between a great user experience and a bad one.

Therefore, we talk to the customer service team of each indy racing betting website we review and note how helpful it is.

Through this process, we learn about a site’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our reviewers also discover the abilities of a customer support team by sending it complex queries.

4. We withdraw money

Once we’re finished using the site, the next step involves withdrawing our remaining balance.

We pay close attention to how easy or difficult it is to withdraw your balance from a indy racing betting site.

Unfortunately, shady betting companies try every trick in the book to keep your money.

For example, they may only request verification when you withdraw and hold your funds.

We emphasize any problems we have when trying to withdraw money.

Furthermore, we inform you of the payment methods on offer, not to mention how long it takes to get your money.

5. We research more information and complaints about the site

However, our job isn’t yet done as we do our best to provide you with the most detailed reviews possible.

We also focus on the number of customer complaints related to a indy racing betting company, its history, and reputation, among other things.

After this process, our knowledge of a betting site with indy racing is almost unrivaled.

We include data regarding any noteworthy problems in our review.

While most sites are content to finish their research by now, we go one step further.

6. We talk with gamblers to obtain feedback

Learning what a real indy racing betting platform user thinks is one of the best ways to get a true idea of its quality.

We reach out to people who either currently use the indy racing betting site we’re reviewing or have done so in the past.

Although our reviewers go to great lengths to give you the lowdown on a site, their experience alone isn’t enough.

Perhaps the indy racing betting website’s customer support team had a bad day, or the glitch we encountered was a one-off.

When we get player feedback, we can see a pattern, whether it is good or bad.

At this point, we have little doubt that what you read in our review is what you can expect from the indy racing betting site in question.

Our process takes a huge amount of time and effort. However, we believe it is worth it to help people looking to find a trustworthy and high-quality site.

IndyCar racing is a widely popular racing sport in the United States.

It has been around since the 1900s as high-level competition.

Out of all races from the official schedule, the most famous is Indianapolis 500.

IndyCar racing gathers professional drivers from around the globe.

Some of the most popular racers from its records are A.J. Foyt, Al Unser, Mario Andretti, Juan Pablo Montoya, Emerson Fittipaldi, and more.

Races consists of super speedways, road courses, short ovals, and street circuits.

The winner of the championships receives a $1 million bonus.

IndyCar vehicles have a single seat and an open cockpit of 2.2 liters, a V-6 engine of 12,000 RPM, and 500-700 horse power.

The main suppliers of engines are Chevrolet and Honda, and the fuel is E85.

IndyCars also uses ethanol, with the role of burning the cleaner and decreasing the level of pollution.

The goal of the race is to complete all the challenges in the shortest period of time and become a winner.

The action is fast-paced, so racers need a sharp mind.

Racers on the first three positions will be differentiated by 5 and 10 points, while those between the 4th-10th spot will be differed by 2 points.

History of IndyCar

The word IndyCar was initially used in 1990 as the name for racing cars.

Back in 1992, the trademark of IndyCar was registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

IndyCar was established in 1994, with the first race taking place on 27 January 1996 at Walt Disney World Speedway.

The winner of the first race was Buzz Calkins.

Today, the Indycar Series is regarded as the fastest format of motorsport, with more than 96 races being conducted.

The fastest race occurred in 2003 at the California Speedway, with an approximate speed of 207.151mph.

Up to date, only five countries organized races for IndyCar – the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

Rules of IndyCar

IndyCar is a simple and exciting experience.

During the race, there are different challenges that the racer has to overcome.

Drivers use different equipment such as a Nomex, a helmet, a head sock, gloves, driving shoes, and a firearm suit.

Every car passes through safety inspection including starting, prequalifying, post-qualifying, before and after the race.

IndyCar races take about two or three hours, so cars need refueling at the pit stops.

On the day of the race, you will see 33 cars on the grid.

They start with one parade lap following the safety car, keeping in order.

After the safety car leaves, the race can start and drivers fight for the first position.

How to win IndyCar

The winner of the IndyCar championship is determined by a points system.

There are both championships for engine producers and drivers.

They collect points based on the position of the car at the end of the race.

Every driver gets points in the race; the winner gets 50 while the last 9 drivers get 5 points.

Drivers can also earn bonus points if they take pole position in the qualifying stage.

There are also bonuses for drivers that lead the most laps of the contest.

There are also bonuses for drivers that lead the most laps of the contest.

The rider who passes the finish line first is a winner.

IndyCar flags

As you follow the action on betting platforms, you will see nine different flags featured in the game:

  • Green is a flag for the start of the race, qualifications, or practice.

  • The checkered flag indicates the end of the race, qualifications, or practice.

  • A blue flag is a sign that a faster driver is trying to pass.

  • The white flag shows that only one lap is left before the end of the race.

  • A red flag is a sign of an unsafe track, and players should not proceed.

  • A black flag signifies that drivers should go to the pit area and consult officials.

  • A yellow flag is a caution flag; drivers should slow down and maintain their position.

  • A yellow and red striped flag means that a slippery substance is spread over the track.

  • A black with a white cross flag is a sign that the rider is eliminated.

Popular IndyCar races

IndyCar races take place on different terrains.

Some tracks are oval, but you will also find street courses and permanent tracks.

The most popular tracks of the event are the Indy 500, Texas Motor Speedway – Genesys 300, and Grand Prix Of Long Beach in California.

Indianapolis Motor Speedyway – Indy 500

The Indy 500 is one of the most popular tracks, with 200 laps and a total distance of 200 miles.

The first race occurred in 1911, and since then, the track has become one of the most famous in the world.

Texas Motor Speedway – Genesys 300

Texas Motor Speedway – Genesys 300 is the next racetrack with 200 laps and 300 miles distance.

The length of the track is 1.5 miles, and the first race took place in 1997.

Long Beach, California – Grand Prix Of Long Beach

Grand Prix Of Long Beach in California is another famous racetrack with 98 laps and 192.864 miles of distance.

The first race was held in 1975 and has quickly become one of the most prestigious events.

Indy Racing Bets

If you want to place wagers on IndyCar racing, be sure you understand the available markets.

The most common options are below.


This is the first choice you have when you embark on any betting website.

You just need to predict who will win the race and collect your winnings.

The odds are reasonable, so you can claim solid payouts.


This is an bet on who will win the IndyCar championship.

You can place it as soon as it appears on betting sites, and profit from excellent odds.

Prop Wagers

Prop wagers are predictions related to different segments of the game.

For example, you can predict who will have the fastest lap, who will finish on the podium, or similar.

Head-to-Head matchups

If you want to place bets on head-to-head matchups, you need to know more about drivers and their performance.

Two drivers will be placed against each other in the race and you should select the better one.

These days, indy racing betting websites realize that a failure to offer generous bonuses and rewards to customers could damage their revenue.

A lucrative bonus package is a great way to increase a site’s customer base.

However, not every reward is useful, so you need to check out the terms and conditions associated with each indy racing betting website’s offering.

Now, let’s investigate the various bonus types offered by indy racing betting websites, including what they give new customers.

No deposit bonuses

Unlike the welcome and reload bonuses, a no deposit bonus adds money or free spins to your account.

You effectively get to check out the betting site with indy racing while spending its money.

While you don’t have to make a deposit, you do need to adhere to certain rules.

You can expect to play through the bonus 30+ times before withdrawing it.

For instance, a site might give you a $10 bonus, but you have to make $300 of bets before you can take the money.

While it isn’t ideal, a no deposit bonus is still worth using, if only to help you decide whether you want to continue using the indy racing betting site.

It is important to note that sites tend only to offer it to new customers.

Welcome bonus

You can expect to receive some form of new customer bonus when you register with a indy racing betting website and deposit some money.

Indy racing betting companies claim it is a way to thank newcomers for joining, but it is really a way to keep you on the site.

Most sites provide a double your money bonus, where you get 100% extra on top of your first deposit.

If you deposit $200 in this example, you receive an additional $200 from the indy racing betting company

You may also get free spins to get you interested in a specific slots game on the indy racing betting website.

Many welcome bonuses look generous at first glance.

Unfortunately, when you look beneath the curtain, it becomes apparent that these bonuses aren’t what they seem.

It is not unusual for a indy racing betting website to include a restriction where you have to use 30 times your initial deposit to withdraw the bonus.

Consequently, unless you wager with at least $3,000 after a $100 deposit, you can’t turn the bonus into withdrawable cash.

Reload bonuses

You only get a reload bonus for depositing more money.

Reload bonuses from indy racing betting websites are meant to persuade you to remain with them instead of looking elsewhere for games.

One could view this bonus as a reward for customer loyalty, as sites only give them to regular users.

Most sites don’t advertise the reload bonus publicly; instead, they email or text the recipients.

This is the case because betting sites with indy racing prefer to award bonuses based on user activity.

There is usually a minimum deposit rule attached to reload bonuses.

Nonetheless, most indy racing betting sites give reloads consistently if you use the site often.

High roller bonuses

As the name suggests, only a select group of people receive these bonuses.

Betting websites with indy racing give these rewards to individuals who spend a lot of money on the site.

If you’re on the list of VIPs, you may earn additional reload bonuses, extra betting benefits, and an account manager who looks after your needs.

There are usually different ‘levels,’ so the higher your ranking, the better the bonuses and the greater the frequency.

Those looking to get some of their money back may want to learn more about a site’s cashback bonus.

If a indy racing betting site offers it, check the terms and conditions to see what percentage of your losses it returns monthly.

Although you may enjoy getting VIP bonuses, carefully monitoring your losses is a good idea to keep things under control.