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Has a valid license
Has a good reputation
Attractive and convenient bonuses
Fast and helpful customer support
Good deposit and withdrawal options, low fees
The casino offers good variety of games
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Our team of experts has reviewed 461 sites as of now.

Our list includes the best fencing betting websites around based on several important criteria.

Throughout this page, we will provide:

  • A quick review of the top 7 betting websites with fencing we recommend

  • An explanation of how we review betting websites with fencing

  • Information on selecting the best betting websites with fencing based on what’s important to you

  • And much more. Let’s begin!

There is a seemingly endless level of information about fencing betting sites on the Internet.

Unfortunately, a lot of what you read is inaccurate and fails to examine sites closely.

We’re proud to say that we take a different approach.

We strive to provide the best possible reviews by betting on each betting site for hours on end.

This enables us to give you a detailed analysis of the site’s playability, pros and cons, reputation, and more.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of betting sites this way, and have created a shortlist of the best fencing betting sites so you don’t have to.

You’re welcome.

Selecting the best fencing betting site that fits your expectations is crucial.

Focus on finding the features you value the most.

We advise you to consider the following when selecting a fencing betting site to register with.


The fencing betting website you want to use must have a reputation for being trustworthy.

To check the reputation of the companies recommended above, we have assessed the following aspects:

  • The licenses of the betting platform with fencing

  • Seniority — how old is the fencing betting company?

  • Complaints received — how many formal complaints has the betting platform with fencing received?

  • Complaint resolution — are complaints assessed publicly and resolved by the betting platform with fencing?

You have to know that you can trust the fencing betting website you’re depositing money with.

That’s why you must find out if the site is well-known in the industry with a low number of serious complaints.

Countries supported

It can be a deal-breaker if a fencing betting website doesn’t offer services to players in your country.

Indeed, there are potential limitations on the sites you can choose in your country.

If you are forbidden from using the betting site with fencing in your country, you might find that it isn’t available for selection when registering.

The trick is, many betting sites will not bother checking your country of residence.

These betting companies let you register and deposit money.

This happens even if they don’t typically allow players from your country to do so.

Unfortunately, the day you decide to withdraw your funds, the betting website asks for account verification.

After they conduct their security checks, if they determine that you have violated their T&Cs by playing in a prohibited country …

It might become impossible to access your funds, and your account could get suspended.

The shadiest fencing betting sites will even use this chance to keep your funds for themselves.

That’s why it’s extremely important to make sure you are allowed to bet on the fencing betting website you choose.

As it happens, wegamble offers all the information you need.

We make a huge effort to research and recommend only the best fencing betting sites that are available in your location.

To be sure that we recommend only fencing betting sites that are available in your country, choose your location carefully using our top-right country chooser.

What benefits for loyal players?

With so many rivals, fencing betting websites need to offer unique promotions and VIP packages to attract and keep players.

At first glance, these offers seem fantastic and worth taking advantage of.

Unfortunately, it is common for these ‘gifts’ to have lots of stipulations.

You need to find a fencing betting company with generous promotions and VIP benefits to improve your user experience.

Does the Fencing Betting Site offer attractive promotions?

It is incorrect to think that all fencing betting sites reward players with a decent range of promotions.

Some prefer to provide welcome bonuses with severe limitations related to how much you bet.

In contrast, the best betting platforms with fencing reward players with outstanding promotions.

These rewards are potentially lucrative and could provide you with hours of fun.

Does the site make players feel like VIPs?

A good VIP program is essential for fencing betting websites to ensure loyal players keep coming back for more.

A typical VIP package should contain benefits that aren’t available to casual players.

For example, it may offer frequent exclusive bonuses, higher bet limits, gifts sent to a player’s residence, or a dedicated customer support team member.

A good VIP program promotes loyalty amongst players and enhances their user experience.

As a result, consider the standard of a fencing betting website’s VIP package before registering.

Payment methods available

The majority of betting sites with fencing accept debit/credit cards.

However, there are many options apart from standard debit and credit card payments.

For most players, having a greater number of options is convenient.

Also, there are advantages and disadvantages to every method of payment.

For example, there are fencing betting platforms that offer special bonuses if you use a certain payment method.

Speaking of bonuses, let’s discuss what you can expect from online fencing betting websites.

Variety & popularity of Fencing Betting Sites games

If there are relatively few games available on a fencing betting site, it doesn’t take long for the fun to go out of the experience.

What you need is a fencing betting site with a huge variety of popular games for you to enjoy.

We take a close look at the different types of games offered by fencing betting websites, so you can find out if the site will keep your attention.

Are there enough games?

A greater quantity of games means you’re more likely to find something you like.

Certain fencing betting sites have a small volume of games, and you’re likely to get bored after a short while.

What you need is a betting site with fencing with a large enough choice to keep you entertained.

Our reviews account for the quantity of fencing betting site games on offer, so you’ll know that a site can keep you happy.

Focus on in-demand games

It isn’t unusual to find a fencing betting website with more than 4,000 games.

However, this means little if they don’t also have the most popular games on the market.

Unfortunately, having a large number of games available is no guarantee of high quality.

Ideally, you should choose a fencing betting website that combines popular games with a huge choice.

It is challenging to find this ideal combo, but our team provides recommendations based on detailed research.

Support efficiency

The quality of support provided by an fencing betting website is crucial to your user experience.

If you have a problem with the site, you need a high-quality customer service team to help you out. Otherwise, you’ll quickly become frustrated when betting.

Top-rated fencing betting sites know this, which is why they provide the right standard of customer service.

They usually have long customer support opening hours and a team that quickly solves your issue.

High-quality fencing betting sites also provide a live chat feature for quick access to a support member.

Furthermore,there is often a comprehensive FAQ page that helps answer most player questions.

Therefore, most of the time, you don’t need to wait in a live chat queue.

Welcome bonus

It is standard for betting websites with fencing to provide a welcome bonus when you sign up or deposit for the first time.

However, it is normal for these bonuses to come with numerous restrictions.

You may need to bet up to 60 times your deposit before the bonus becomes available.

Therefore, welcome bonuses are rarely a good thing for players. That’s why you shouldn’t focus on them.

Your priority? Selecting a fencing betting company that offers great promotions and VIP benefits instead.

Ultimately, they are way better than welcome bonuses in most cases.

Each wegamble team member is an experienced player, and the knowledge we’ve gained helps us create honest and detailed fencing betting website reviews.

This is an overview of the steps we take in creating our in-depth content.

1. We open a Fencing Betting Site account and deposit money

First of all, we go through the entire registration process of each betting site with fencing we review.

Then we check for geographical restrictions.

This allows us to tell you if players from your country are restricted.

After accurately including our personal information, we deposit money.

At this point, we can see the payment methods available, and the information the site requires.

All of the above helps us communicate any difficulties involved while registering.

2. We play as many games as possible on the Fencing Betting Site

The most basic principle of reviewing a fencing betting site is to truly know it.

Consequently, playing games for hours is a crucial component of understanding the site.

We investigate various games and play dozens of them to get a feel for what the gameplay is like.

In our opinion, it is a necessity to ensure we get a first-hand account to outline what you can expect.

We also like to wager for as long as possible to see if there are any glitches on the site, and to evaluate its design.

Finally, lengthy sessions let us know whether the fencing betting site is likely to keep its users entertained, or reward its VIP players.

3. We contact customer service

We give great weight to the level of customer service provided by a fencing betting site.

Let’s face it, poor service in this department is often the difference between a great user experience and a bad one.

We get in touch with the fencing betting website’s customer support team and gauge their response.

This practice gives us an idea of whether a site takes customer queries and complaints seriously.

Our reviewers also discover the abilities of a customer support team by sending it complex queries.

4. We go through the withdrawal process

We always ensure there is enough money left to withdraw once we finish our playing experience.

We pay close attention to how easy or difficult it is to withdraw your balance from a fencing betting platform.

Sadly, there are some low-grade betting websites that won’t let you take out your hard-earned cash.

For example, they may only request verification when you withdraw and hold your funds.

We find out whether players can expect to encounter any problems when they try to get their cash.

Furthermore, we inform you of the payment methods on offer, not to mention how long it takes to get your money.

5. We perform an online review to learn new information and uncover complaints

However, our job isn’t yet done as we do our best to provide you with the most detailed reviews possible.

We also check out any complaints related to the fencing betting website, along with its overall reputation.

By the time we’re finished, we know almost everything there is to know about a fencing betting website.

Should this analysis uncover any additional concerns, we address them in the review.

Of course, there is one final thing we always check.

6. We ask customers what they think

There are few better ways to get a clear picture of a fencing betting website’s reputation than to speak to real players.

We contact people who have experience using the fencing betting websites in our reviews.

Although our reviewers go to great lengths to give you the lowdown on a site, their experience alone isn’t enough.

Perhaps the fencing betting platform’s customer support team had a bad day, or the glitch we encountered was a one-off.

Yet when we talk to several people, it becomes clear whether a site has obvious issues or not.

At this point, we have little doubt that what you read in our review is what you can expect from the fencing betting site in question.

Our process takes a huge amount of time and effort. However, we believe it is worth it to help people looking to find a trustworthy and high-quality site.

The art of fencing is centuries old, although it didn’t develop into a sport until the mid-1700s.

Basic conventions of the sport were written by Camille Prevost, a master of fencing, in the 1880s.

The sport grew in popularity and was included in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

It is one of only five sports that has been in every Summer Olympics.

While competitive fencing has many rules, it is easy to understand enough to place intelligence bets.

In this guide, we look at the markets provided by fencing betting websites and offer tips to improve your chances of winning.

First, however, let’s investigate fencing’s rules, disciplines, major tournaments, and scoring system.

Fencing rules

In modern fencing, there are three weapons: Foil, Epee, and Saber (or Sabre).

We explore these weapons a little later on.

Fencers wear a host of protective gear, including a jacket, plastron, a glove on the sword hand, a mask, and a chest protector.

Bouts occur on a narrow area called a piste that should be 14 meters long and 1.5 – 2 meters wide.

If a fencer retreats off the piste, their opponent is awarded a point.

An electronic scoring system in fencing signals when an opponent’s weapon touches someone.

Many people are surprised to learn that numerous fencing events occur during the year.

Fencing competitions

The Federation Internationale d’Escrime (FIE) is the international governing body of Olympic fencing.

However, the FIE also organizes a substantial number of events, including:

  • The Senior World Championships

  • The World Cup

  • Grand Prix events

There is also a host of Tournoi satellite events taking place around the world.

These competitions aim to develop the sport in specific geographic regions.

Whether fencing betting websites will have markets for these events is another matter.

Before we look at fencing betting options, let’s determine how the sport is scored.

How is fencing scored?

In individual bouts, the first fencer to score 15 points wins; each legitimate touch is worth a point.

Fencing events are divided into three periods of three minutes, so the maximum fight time is nine minutes.

If neither competitor reaches 15 points in this timeframe, the person with the most points at this stage wins.

Team events consist of nine bouts as each team member faces an opposition competitor once.

Each bout lasts a maximum of three minutes or until one side’s total reaches a multiple of five.

After nine bouts, if neither team has 45 points, the side with the most points wins.

Should a match end level after the allotted time is up, the referee adds another minute, and the first person to score wins.

Before the overtime period, the referee conducts a draw between the two fencers.

If there is no score after 60 seconds of additional action, the person who wins the draw is declared the victor.

There are slightly different scoring specifics depending on the type of fencing bout.


This light-thrusting weapon cannot weigh more than 500 grams.

A fencer can only score a point with the blade’s tip in foil events.

Only a touch to the body’s torso is counted as a scoring play.

If both lights turn on, the referee must decide which fencer got the first touch using the Right of Way (RoW) concept.

According to RoW, the attacking fencer is the one who earns the point.

If the referee can’t decide who had RoW, neither fencer scores.


This light thrusting and cutting weapon must weigh a maximum of 500 grams.

In saber fencing, hits with the front edge of the blade, its tip, or the last one-third of its back edge, are scoring plays.

The target area is also quite large; a fencer scores by hitting anywhere between the bend of the hips (back and front) to the top of the opponent’s head.

A double touch leads to the RoW protocol being enforced.


This is the heaviest weapon in fencing at a maximum of 775 grams and is used for thrusting.

In Epee, you can only score with the tip of the blade.

However, unlike the other events, you score a point by hitting any part of your opponent.

Epee does not have any RoW protocol.

Betting markets you might find on Fencing Betting Websites

It isn’t easy to find fencing betting websites that offer markets, but they do exist.

However, your options will probably be limited because betting sites find it tricky to price fencing tournaments and bouts accurately.

Below are three markets that might turn up on fencing betting sites.

Bout winner

Even mediocre betting sites will have a bout-winner market in fencing!

This is a simple bet; choose one fencer to defeat the other.

Typically, fencing betting companies will pay out if your selection wins in sudden death or via the drawing of lots, but check the terms and conditions just in case.

Event winner

This is also a market you expect most fencing betting sites to have.

You select a fencer to triumph over all other competitors and win the tournament outright.

With a little research, you might uncover a hidden gem that hasn’t caught the bookmakers’ attention and win at big odds.

Big tournaments include the Olympics, World Championships, and World Cup.

Bout points

Not every fencing betting platform will have this particular market, but top-quality ones will.

The betting website will provide a points line, and you have to bet whether the bout will have a higher or lower number of points.

Remember that in individual matches, the first to 15 wins, so there can be a maximum of 29 points.

However, in cagey affairs between defensive experts, time could elapse before either fencer gets to the magic 15-point mark.

If you think this is a likely outcome, see if the fencing betting website offers an alternative points line.

Betting markets you might occasionally find on Fencing Betting Websites

Betting websites can justify a relative lack of markets by pointing out that fencing isn’t a hugely popular sport.

However, if you look hard enough, you might just find the following on fencing betting sites.


In this market, the betting site allows you to choose between two fencers in a tournament.

If the one you select makes it the furthest in the event, you win your bet.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the two fencers will meet at some point!

Podium finish

If you’re not sure who will win a big event, or if there’s a hot favorite at short odds, you can bet on a fencer to finish in the top three places.

You could conceivably select a winner at fairly big odds, especially in a major tournament such as the Olympics.

If you choose someone to finish on the podium, you need them to make at least the semi-final.

Should they lose at this stage, you require them to win the subsequent bronze medal match.

Handicap Wagering

In a fencing bout, there is always a favorite, and the stronger they are perceived to be, the larger the handicap.

Suppose fencer A begins with a handicap of -5.5 points against fencer B, and you bet on them to win with this disadvantage.

Unless the time elapses, you need them to win by 6+ points or a score of 15-9 (or better).

To be clear, it is relatively rare for a fencing bout to last nine minutes.

How to win when Betting on fencing

Use the official FIE website as a starting point for your statistical data gathering.

It is worth investigating the head-to-head records of fencers.

Sometimes, you’ll find that one competitor has a great record against an opponent ranked higher.

In this scenario, you might get excellent value because the fencing betting website still installs the individual with the highest ranking as the favorite.

You should also check the timing of events; it is more important to be in shape for the Olympics than a smaller tournament a month or two earlier.

Therefore, a top-ranked fencer might unexpectedly underperform in an event that’s little more than a warm-up for them.

In the end, you don’t necessarily have to bide your time to make money betting on fencing.

Detailed research could prove very lucrative if you find fencing betting websites offering markets on smaller satellite events.

You might find things a little confusing when using a fencing betting website for the first time.

We understand this and therefore provide a brief overview of how to get started.

Go to our list and pick a Fencing Betting Site

There are seemingly hundreds of fencing betting sites available.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of sites you should avoid due to safety and security concerns.

The wegamble team has reviewed a huge proportion of available sites for your convenience.

We’re confident that our analysis will give you the information to choose the right fencing betting site for your requirements.

You should select several betting sites with fencing from our list to properly compare their different characteristics, such as game variety and odds.

Analyzing multiple sites side-by-side enables you to determine the best fit quickly.

Now that you’ve picked your #1 choice, it is time to register with that site.

Register with the Fencing Betting Site

Creating an account with any betting website with fencing involves registering and entering your personal information.

It is important to include the right data and pay special attention to your country of residence and the currency you plan to use.

It is a fact that plenty of betting sites with fencing have rules preventing people from specific nations from using their services.

If you make a mistake regarding your location or lie, the betting website could freeze your funds or close your account.

What’s worse is that some fencing betting sites only perform verification after you have won money.

When you try to withdraw, they freeze your account and keep your winnings.

Should your initial selection ban people from your nation, return to our list and choose another betting website with fencing.

Doing this reduces the risk of future account closure.

Make a deposit

Once you become a registered user, you must deposit funds if you intend to wager.

Before we go any further, we must stress that you should only ever bet with money you can afford to lose.

Set a budget before you fund your account, and stay disciplined.

This practice keeps your losses under control and enables you to have fun.

Check out our payment methods section to learn more about the various depositing options.

Check out your favorite sports markets

A growing number of betting websites provide access to sports.

There is an incredible list of sports to choose from in the modern era.

You can focus on American football, soccer, rugby union, baseball, and much more.

Maybe you have a sport that you specialize in and want to use your knowledge to make money.

If you don’t, it is crucial to focus on the prices and markets available on fencing betting websites.

In addition, place maximum limits when staking on any sporting market to avoid heavy losses.

Withdraw your winnings

Perhaps your hard work has resulted in a profit; now is the time to withdraw your money.

You need to check the fencing betting website’s terms and conditions to see if there are any withdrawal restrictions.

You might find that the fencing betting site won’t allow you to enjoy your winnings until you’ve met certain stipulations.

You’ll also discover that the process of depositing and withdrawing is easier when you use the same payment method for both.

However, you can choose something different, but you will need to enter additional details.

Review the available payment methods as the timeframe for receiving money can vary from minutes to days.

It is great news if you enjoy the excitement offered by fencing betting websites.

However, there are risks associated with online gambling.

Common sense safety

Rule #1 of online gambling is to decide on your maximum allowable losses before you begin and never exceed this limit.

If you believe you might have an addiction and are concerned, get help as soon as you can.

The fencing betting website industry is not well-regulated, so read our comprehensive reviews before choosing any provider.

Don’t wager on open Wi-Fi networks because your data is unencrypted, which means it is not secure.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is essential because it provides extra security to your account.

Try cryptocurrency instead of traditional money if you would rather retain your privacy while enjoying fencing betting site games.

Lastly, avoid chasing your losses at all costs, and stay away from betting websites with fencing when drunk or otherwise intoxicated.

Other things you can check

It is a good idea to check the standard of a fencing betting website’s customer service before you even register.

The last thing you want is to deposit a large sum of money, only to find that the site isn’t helpful when you experience a problem.

Our reviews look into a fencing betting company’s customer service level in great detail while also checking its reputation and licensing.

One way to reduce risk is to limit your deposits until you’re sure a site is trustworthy.

Look into the variety of games a fencing betting company offers to see if you’re likely to remain entertained or get bored quickly.

While there are plenty of bonuses available, only a small percentage are of any use to customers, so bear this in mind before depositing.

Finally, stick with fencing betting websites that use SSL certification because it shows they take your private data’s security seriously.

Advice for crypto users

Fencing betting sites embrace the use of cryptocurrency by users to the point where they provide special bonuses for doing so.

If you know how to use crypto transactions, you’re already aware of their speed, not to mention their anonymous nature.

A significant minus is that you’ll probably lose the entire transaction amount if you make a mistake.

Therefore, triple-check the wallet address before completing any crypto withdrawals or deposits.

For instance, slowly go through the last ten letters to make sure you didn’t make a mistake.

Sending it to the wrong place might result in the loss of everything you send.

It is also extremely important to double-check the crypto and the blockchain you want to use.

If you don’t, it’s possible to get the digital currency wrong or send thousands instead of hundreds.

Crypto assets’ value rises and falls so quickly that you could lose out with even a minor mistake.

It is possible to use one of several payment methods on betting websites with fencing.

Nonetheless, it is a mistake to assume one choice is as good as the next.

Every one has plus and minus points.

The ‘right’ one depends on your needs.

Below, we present various common payment methods to enable you to select the right one.

Bank transfers

One of the main reasons why people use bank transfers is due to the level of security involved.

Yet, there are no plus points compared to debit/credit card transactions.

Ensuring that your bank account is verified with the fencing betting site is essential to proceed.

It is a measure that ensures the bank gets in touch if it spots possible fraud (KYC rules).

Even though it adds a layer of security, bank transfers are among the slowest forms of payment.

Believe it or not, a transaction could take day numerous working days to process.

The outcome is that you can’t use a betting site with fencing if you have no money in your account when depositing.

Furthermore, you can forget about enjoying a large cash win since it takes days for it to get to your bank account.

In addition, not everyone is happy to provide fencing betting websites with their bank details.

Unfortunately, depositing or withdrawing money via bank transfer on a fencing betting site could spell the end of a mortgage application.

Overall, using a bank transfer as a payment method on betting websites with fencing is best avoided.

Credit/Debit cards

At present, this is the most widely used form of payment on betting websites with fencing.

Well-known merchants include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Chase, and American Express.

One of the main advantages of debit/credit cards is the speed of transactions.

When you use these cards, withdrawals and deposits are extremely quick.

Cards are also an extremely convenient method of payment.

Nonetheless, a major downside is that debit and credit card companies don’t like it when you use a card on a fencing betting site.

It is best to avoid using one of these cards when gambling if applying for a mortgage is something you intend to do.

There are stories of banks shutting down mortgage applications because the applicant used a betting website with fencing.

Consequently, you might find that this isn’t the best payment method when using betting sites with fencing.

Digital currencies

Also known as ‘crypto,’ this payment method is a relatively new way to pay for purchases.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, which has the biggest market cap, Ethereum, and Cardano.

Benefits of cryptocurrencies

The use of cryptocurrency on betting websites with fencing is increasing due to the level of security involved and the bypassing of banks it allows.

When you use digital currency, a bank account is unnecessary.

As a result, players have far more privacy with cryptocurrency than credit/debit cards or E-wallets.

Aside from the benefit of anonymous transactions, there are plenty of other reasons to consider digital currency.

One of the best is the lightning quick transaction times.

Taking Bitcoin as an example of digital currency’s safety, hackers still can’t figure out how to get into its networks.

From a financial perspective, you might receive a bonus from a betting platform with fencing for using a digital coin.

The main reason is that betting sites with fencing prefer it due to the benefits they receive.

The privacy provided by cryptocurrencies extends to these organizations, and they also save money on fees compared to other payment methods.

Cons of cryptocurrencies

Yet you must understand the risks associated with using digital currency.

For a start, all cryptocurrency transfers are non-reversible.

The problem here is that you lose everything you transfer if you deposit with a fraudulent betting site.

As there is no regulation, no financial authority can help you out.

Another issue is that the crypto market rises and falls unpredictably and quickly.

Should you win crypto, keep it, and sell when the price rises, you can make the most of your winnings.

Alas, holding your digital coins could also prove disastrous if the price falls sharply.

Cash to tickets

With this method of payment, you use vouchers as cash in fencing betting sites.

Prominent companies include PaySafeCard, CashtoCode, and Flexepin.

Advantages of cash to tickets

At present, North America is one of the most popular locations for cash to ticket use on betting platforms with fencing.

They are extremely secure, and using one involves entering a PIN code to activate the voucher’s balance.

A significant number of convenience stores sell tickets from the best-known companies.

Certainly, there is more privacy from this payment method than with credit cards or bank transfers.

As you must buy a separate voucher, you can enjoy anonymity on a fencing betting site.

In addition, the ticket’s balance is the maximum you can spend, so it is more difficult to overspend than with a debit or credit card.

Cons of cash to tickets

Yet, it is much easier to lose a cash to ticket accidentally than other payment methods.

If you win money, you can’t withdraw it via the voucher.

Many tickets have low balance limits that won’t suit high rollers.

Also, as is the case with crypto, voucher transactions are irreversible.

Therefore, using it on a scam betting website with fencing means you lose your full balance.

Although tickets are widely available, it is still inconvenient compared to almost every other payment method on this list.

You have to travel to a local store with cash every time you want a new voucher.


Electronic wallets allow players to store funds online and transfer the money into a betting website with fencing account.

When considering E-wallets, look for well-known providers such as Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal.

Benefits of E-wallets

The process involves transferring money into the E-wallet from a debit/credit card and moving the money as you please.

The transfer happens immediately if there’s cash in the electronic wallet.

When you conduct E-wallet transactions, the bank has no knowledge of them.

It can never know for sure what you’re using the money for.

This means you shouldn’t get turned down for a loan due to your gambling activity.

Most of the best fencing betting websites are happy to accept transfers from E-wallets.

Best of all, it only takes a few minutes to set up an E-wallet.

Cons of E-wallets

However, this payment method isn’t flawless.

Certain E-wallets charge significant fees when you withdraw or convert currency.

They are also subject to strict regulations.

Therefore, depending on where you live, you might be unable to withdraw money.

Also, companies in this niche tend to freeze your funds until they’re happy you meet their criteria.

It is even possible that when the E-wallet provider finishes this process, it decides to close your account permanently.

Finally, E-wallets have gained a reputation for providing extremely poor customer service.

It can take days, if not weeks, for them to resolve your issue.

As the market becomes more competitive, fencing betting sites are keen to attract new customers by offering bonuses and rewards.

There is no question that providing bonuses can bring in and keep players and may seem beneficial at first.

However, not every reward is useful, so you need to check out the terms and conditions associated with each fencing betting company’s offering.

It is time to analyze the standard fencing betting site bonuses, paying special attention to what you can expect upon registration.

No deposit bonuses

Unlike the welcome and reload bonuses, a no deposit bonus adds money or free spins to your account.

You effectively get to check out the betting site with fencing while spending its money.

Yet you’ll find that there are strings attached even though you don’t need to deposit.

You can expect to play through the bonus 30+ times before withdrawing it.

For instance, a site might give you a $10 bonus, but you have to make $300 of wagers before you can take the money.

Even so, it is usually worth claiming the no deposit bonus so you can get a risk-free feel for the betting website with fencing.

We should point out that sites seldom offer it to anyone other than new customers.

Welcome bonus

Almost every betting website with fencing offers a welcome bonus once you sign up and deposit.

Fencing betting sites claim it is a way to thank newcomers for joining, but it is really a way to keep you on the site.

It is common practice to give a 100% bonus, which means the site gives you the same amount as your deposit for free.

Suppose you deposit $100, the fencing betting site will add another $100 so that your starting balance is $200.

You may also get free spins to get you interested in a specific slots game on the betting site with fencing.

Being fooled by the apparent generosity of these bonuses is easy.

However, they tend to contain various terms and conditions that make it difficult to truly benefit.

For example, you can only cash out the betting website with fencing bonus once you have gone through at least 30 times your first deposit.

Therefore, if your first deposit is $100, you have to make $3,000 worth of bets.

Reload bonuses

You only get a reload bonus for depositing more money.

The welcome bonus gets you on the fencing betting site, while a reload is designed to keep you there.

It is normal for regular users to receive reload bonuses, and they often get them monthly.

Most sites don’t advertise the reload bonus publicly; instead, they email or text the recipients.

Why? Because betting sites with fencing personalize the bonus according to how much you deposit.

Don’t expect a reload bonus unless you meet the minimum deposit stipulation.

Nonetheless, most fencing betting websites give reloads consistently if you use the site often.

Exclusive bonuses

These bonuses have many names, including loyalty, VIP, exclusive, or high roller bonuses.

A fencing betting site may award such prizes to someone who has a long track record of using the site.

The perks associated with such a program include large matching deposits and higher beting limits.

However, even at a high roller level, there are layers of bonuses, with the individuals on the top benefiting the most.

Those looking to get some of their money back may want to learn more about a site’s cashback bonus.

For instance, you might receive anywhere from 5% to 20% of your monthly losses back as a bonus from a fencing betting platform.

While exclusive bonuses are welcome, they may also be a sign that you’re spending too much time and money on a site.

Although online betting offers excitement to millions of people, there are also dangers associated with it.

A growing number of people suffer from a gambling addiction and can lose huge sums of money.

Therefore, we would like to offer the following tips to ensure you enjoy using betting websites with fencing safely and sensibly.


Look through our detailed reviews to see which betting sites with fencing are trustworthy and which ones to avoid.

If you want to keep your cash safe, there is no question that two-factor authentication (2FA) is crucial.

2FA elevates security because it needs the user to offer two forms of ID if they wish to log in.

You require a tablet/phone to get a code that you use along with a password and username.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also worth investing in because it helps encrypt your data when you’re online.

Since your IP address is hidden with a VPN, registering with a fencing betting site anonymously is easy.

At this stage, it is helpful to manage your spending and stick to games where the fencing betting site’s edge is at its lowest.

Also, keep a careful record of how much you win or lose to see if you tend to risk too much money.

Rather than spending too long sitting at a screen, take regular breaks to give your brain time to recharge.

A break can get your mind back in the game or inform you that it is time to stop betting.

If you find a handful of reputable betting websites with fencing, learn which one provides the best bonuses to ensure you get value for money.

Don’t begin any game until you’re familiar with the rules.

Finally, consider trying cryptocurrency as a payment method instead of an option such as a bank transfer or a debit/credit card.

With cryptocurrencies, you benefit from additional anonymity, and your bank knows nothing about your fencing betting platform account.


If you feel you’re getting sucked into the games offered by betting sites, it is best to self-restrict or close your account.

Taking no action might lead you headlong into an addiction that empties your bank account and damages relationships.

Therefore, avoid borrowing cash to feed your habit lest you start owing money you can’t pay.

Another important rule is to accept your losses rather than trying to win them back quickly.

A better tactic is to keep your stakes sensible and decide on a set amount of money you’re prepared to lose.

When using a betting site with fencing, register and log in from a secure Internet connection, such as the one in your house.

In contrast, gambling on games in a café or another place with an open Wi-Fi network is dangerous.

As these are unencrypted networks with no password needed, anyone in range can determine who’s using what online.

They can see the unencrypted web pages you visit, what you type into forms, and even if you’re connected to your bank’s website.

Lastly, betting with a clear head is a good idea; this means no using alcohol or other intoxicating drugs.

When you take mind-altering substances, your risk tolerance changes, and you might start staking far more than usual.